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  1. MikeGTW

    Calling out extreme postage prices…

    You might try here they are in Canada I have no idea about shipping
  2. MikeGTW

    Started scanning some old pictures

    Since my rr is pretty much gone I got back to scanning some of my pictures Was doing some a while back and was working on slides I have a plustek slide scanner and a whole bunch of slides anyway had done maybe a thousand and the hard drive died that I was using The read arm inside broke and...
  3. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    before all went away
  4. MikeGTW

    Need help with what size kadees this locomotive needs

    Here's my slightly newer version of that engine I thought maybe a Kadee #4 coupler but they are hard to find So Kadee #242 narrow gear box with a whisker coupler Also if that has the old flat round motor in it they don't run very well
  5. MikeGTW

    Need help with what size kadees this locomotive needs

    That may really be a Varney Dockside Switcher 0-4-0 but like Smudge says a #148 in a kadee box It's hard to say for sure on second looks more like a AHM C16 either way make sure it runs then see about couplers
  6. MikeGTW

    need ideas for scratch building a wharf

    Like Sherrel says 1/4 in plate glass I have a couple pieces I've used or a piece of self healing mat mine is probably 30+ years old and still works
  7. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    Well I disassembled my layout most went in a dumpster No one but me has seen it in probably 10 years so time to go I'm not moving as well probably won't be posting much anymore since no layout just no interest I guess
  8. MikeGTW

    Very thin wire 40 awg?

    This is kind of pricey but
  9. MikeGTW

    Running Bear's April 2022 Coffee Shop

    This from Texas Hobo and it says it better then I ever could thank you for posting that An aside - I have never met Terry, really don't know him. I didn't know Marie except for Terry's mentions here in the diner. And yet when I read of her passing I was saddened. For some time this morning I...
  10. MikeGTW

    Running Bear's April 2022 Coffee Shop

    Terry So sorry to hear this 🙏
  11. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    Smudge We downsized years ago to where I am now was just me and wife she passed 11 yrs ago actually this month on the 10th so just been me here this house is about 2400 sq ft basement same size I'm using maybe 2000 ft of that for rr so looking at what I would have to take down and move I'm...
  12. MikeGTW

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    You do find some awesome deals out there here's a place selling those for $34.99 free shipping they also on amazon...
  13. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    Those may be my last buildings Might be taking my layout down If so it won't go back up My son and his wife just bought 50 acres just south of me and are building a new house somewhere over 4600 sq ft not including the basement which they would finish for me walk out windows down two sides...
  14. MikeGTW

    Smudge's First attempt at painting a building

    Smudge disregard that bit about spraying with white paint Don't know what I was thinking of However you could use shellac or easier just use good old elmer's white glue or any PVA glue but thin it to about 80 or 90% with water and brush it on those ends let dry the paint will then look the same...
  15. MikeGTW

    Model Builder and Photographer

    Don't know if any of you have seen this guy's work but I am humbled by the stuff he does It's like magic
  16. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    Did you get this one done just curious
  17. MikeGTW


    Maybe something like this
  18. MikeGTW

    Smudge's First attempt at painting a building

    Smudge I see nothing wrong with your paint job The only thing I would have done is maybe gave it a light spray of maybe a flat white to seal those ends of the tabs so the paint wouldn't soak in
  19. MikeGTW

    truck conversion passenger coaches

    Wow that long I agree then order direct like you did It's been a while since I got anything from the shops near me since both are gone but if I remember right they would place their order on friday and have it in about a week
  20. MikeGTW

    truck conversion passenger coaches

    I forgot about that are there any hobby shops near you that order from walther's I know when there used to be a couple of them close to me they would add my stuff to their orders They usually only ordered once a week but no shipping charge and got a discount on top of it

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