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  1. MikeGTW

    Started scanning some old pictures

    Since my rr is pretty much gone I got back to scanning some of my pictures Was doing some a while back and was working on slides I have a plustek slide scanner and a whole bunch of slides anyway had done maybe a thousand and the hard drive died that I was using The read arm inside broke and...
  2. MikeGTW

    Model Builder and Photographer

    Don't know if any of you have seen this guy's work but I am humbled by the stuff he does It's like magic
  3. MikeGTW

    Recognize this

    Trying to clean up some old projects does anyone know this one I seem to remember some hoses and counter weights or something a small fueling platform but I can't find the parts
  4. MikeGTW

    Freight House 933-2954

    Altered this one from two kits and added some brick sheet to fill in on the side Might add a couple windows in that side part looks kind of plain
  5. MikeGTW

    Any Interest

    I have an old Model Power 410 Bors Coaling Station also the Cheyenne 650 Ton Coal Bunker fro IHC and a Bachmann Plus Two Diesel Sanding Towers #35114 These are all HO scale and I will never build them not really needed on my layout I can take pictures if wanted Thanks Mike
  6. MikeGTW

    CMX track cleaning car

    So was looking to get one of these and most places $159 (and free shipping from Tony's) for HO scale except fro MB Klein they list it for $184.99 So I called MB just to see if that price was correct guy that answered seemed to be to busy to help Just that's the price anything else then I...
  7. MikeGTW

    Home made ballest

    Has anyone ever tried to make ballest at home ? And if so how did it turn out
  8. MikeGTW

    U30B and a Roundhouse Harriman coach

    Was looking thru some stuff and found this Athearn U30B dummy with the clip on plastic trucks looked at the bottom and why does it have the motor mounts in it Took off shell and there's the motor never been run by the look of it so the only trucks I had were a pair of Blomberg looks...
  9. MikeGTW

    woodland scenic's tree's

    Has anyone used these tree's My reason for asking a local guy has 9 packages of them for sale $60 there is 5 Forever Green 3573 6 to 7 inch and 4 Standing timber 3562 6 to 7 inch Seems like a good price since they retail at $13.99 ea
  10. MikeGTW

    Atlas yellow box engines

    So a local guy has two Atlas kato yellow box engines Alco C425 are they worth $100 for the pair they look to be in very good shape
  11. MikeGTW

    Not really model

    So this side seems to be ok
  12. MikeGTW

    Edit titles under user name

    I see different "titles" under the user names is there a way for me to edit that ??
  13. MikeGTW

    Rolling stock why do I have these?

    are they even worth keeping that vermont car had to look at again it's a ROCO made in austria it's shorter in height then a athearn car
  14. MikeGTW

    Remotor for Athearn engines

    So looking at some new motor's for athearn I see there is the Kato HM-5 and I also see the Mabuchi SF 266 SA the 266 is very cheap price and I see on another site you can mount two back to back in a sd45 frame My concern is the rpm 7200 for the 266 and I believe the athearn were...
  15. MikeGTW

    Trying to catch up to Jerome

    got these today from a local guy $10 ea couldn't say no
  16. MikeGTW

    One of my buildings

  17. MikeGTW

    So how any times have you rebuilt our layouts

    My list is 8 times 5 different locations edit: rooms from 12x24 to 30x70 current room is basement 26x30
  18. MikeGTW

    GP 9 or GP 18

    Question I have an engine not quite sure but I call it a GP18 it's a athearn frame with a Mashima motor The shell I believe is Cary it's all metal So GP 9 or GP 18
  19. MikeGTW

    Forum Rules info

    Maybe there should be a Title "Forum Rules" under the Welcome To Forum I don't post here that much but reading the guys arguing and leaving the forum I think these should be spelled out for everyone New and Old I am a admin and mod on several other sites and we do that on all of them...
  20. MikeGTW

    InterMountain service

    Just picked up two InterMountain F3s with Grand Trunk Western logos they run very nice One of them was missing the bumper/step on the front pilot contacted InterMountain and Richard sent me a new complete pilot first class mail no charge Very good service in my opinion :):)

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