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  1. OCMRRC Jeff

    Q on retarding acrylic paints when airbrushing

    I have heard that you can add something to the paint/thinner mix to slow down the drying of the paint as you airbrush, and that would help give you some more time when you are finished painting to start cleaning. Is there anything to that?
  2. OCMRRC Jeff

    New rolling roof roundhouse

    I was inside the Lehigh Valley roundhouse today, there were 3 2-8-0's there. The crew was trying to figure out what was wrong with the closest Consolidation while the rest of the crew was having a checker match. This is a new roundhouse with a rolling roof to allow the crew to work with...
  3. OCMRRC Jeff

    Home layout at risk and a solution

    The wife came to me the other day saying she wants my side of the basement where I have a 10x16 O shaped layout, a shelf layout with 75 switches. After a week of grumping around Mike, my neighbor, stopped by and suggested that I offer to take down 2 sides of the layout as that would leave me...
  4. OCMRRC Jeff

    Quick overview of Pennsy Middle Division

    I was only able to make one layout on the layout tour today, sick as a dog. Decided to go to the Pennsy Middle Division. I have heard of it and had seen it in Model Railroader but had never seen it in person. It is really impressive, my video doesn't do it justice...
  5. OCMRRC Jeff

    Old Colony Model RR - Switching Willimantic

    Here we are swapping out one tank for another but we have to move and then respot a freight car at the boiler factory.
  6. OCMRRC Jeff

    Old Colony Model RR - tour of the entire layout - running the mainline

    Here is the full mainline, from New Haven to Providence and back. don't forget to check out the club website at
  7. OCMRRC Jeff

    Old Colony Model RR - switching New London

    In this video we highlight the great work done by Scott Wilkins in the New London section of the OCMRR club layout. All the building are scratch built or highly modified and weathered to perfection. Pay attention to his effective use of people and vehicles. I will be posting a complete run...
  8. OCMRRC Jeff

    Train crash on the Old Colony MRR leaving the roundhouse

    I was trying to create a virtual layout tour, however I never got away from the turntable before I lost control. It was funny so I wanted to share it with everyone.
  9. OCMRRC Jeff

    Virtual tour of the Lehigh Valley MRR

    I should have posted this here, rather than on the other page. I just got a mini DV 808 camcorder, it is the size of a keychain car control, the type you use to unlock your car. It fits on a flat car with no problem I was amazed at the quality of the picture and the sound...
  10. OCMRRC Jeff

    Train cam tour of home layout with Mini DV 808 camera

    I recently got a mini DV camera on Ebay, from Hong Kong, I wanted to use it on the Old Colony Model Railroad Club to make videos from the engineers perspective. It was a lot less money than all the other camera I have seen AND it had HD video and sound! It came in last night so the first...
  11. OCMRRC Jeff

    Switchers return to yard at end of day - videos

    It is the end of the day and my LVRR switchers are returning to the yard. Notice the leased Pennsy, also you can tell this is 1976 by the Conrail switcher you can see a corner of. Please ignore the duct tape holding a building together, it was not easy for the workers to get that giant piece...
  12. OCMRRC Jeff

    A&D Toy Train Museum, gone but not forgotten - Video

    Here is the only known video, at least on YouTube of the A&D Toy Train Museum in Middleboro Mass. It was a huge place with all scales and a really big Lionel Layout. My boys and I visited it in 1990. The video is a bit shaky as the VHS tapes are 22 years old, amazing they still work. :)...
  13. OCMRRC Jeff

    Switch run on the Old Colony Model Railroad Club

    I shot this a while back but just uploaded it. It starts out with a high speed passenger train and then goes into the switcher. I am trying to highlight parts of our railroad, you can see more at NkU01Z1FTB8&feature=g-upl&context=G2994000AUAAAAAAAZAA
  14. OCMRRC Jeff

    Old Colony Model RR Club operating session

    We recently had an operating session at the Old Colony Model Railroad Club in Rayhnam Mass. It was a little confused but a whole lot of fun. Our website is Here is a video I put together of the ops session...
  15. OCMRRC Jeff

    WDW Disney Trains - Real or "12 inch scale "model"" VIDEO

    Over several trips to Disney I took alot of pictures of the Disney Railroad and created the embeded video of the trains and monorails. It the railroad a "real" railroad or a model railroad albiet a full scale one. Of course the same could be asked about Tourist Railroads. I just know one of...
  16. OCMRRC Jeff

    Lehigh Valley GP9's consist video

    I just got my LVRR GP-9's back from a friend who put in sound. They are numbers 302 and 303 and we consisted them. I decided to try a quick you tube video of them pulling a short frieght i6EsotF0h2k&feature=g-upl&context=G2a5766eAUAAAAAAABAA
  17. OCMRRC Jeff

    Corragated buildings - what era's

    At the Old Colony Model Railroad Club ( we model the Post War New Haven. We currently don't have any corragated buildings on the layout as I have been told they are too new. I wanted to do a kitbash of a superior bakery with a corragated section. Would there have been...
  18. OCMRRC Jeff

    OCMRRC - Old Colony Model Railroad Club

    The Old Colony Model Railroad club has a new website, The Old Colony Model Railroad Club meets every Wednesday evening in Rayhnam Mass. Visitors are welcome except for the first Wednesday of the month as they are our meeting nights and we are not set up for visitors on that...

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