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    TamValleyDepot Train Shuttle

    TamValleyDepot Train Shuttle Are there any alternatives to this direction reversing device? It is not a typical autoreverser but is a point to point automation device. thanks ,,, ken
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    Clear window plastic crazed/fogged

    Is there a method to polish/repair clear window plastic that is crazed/fogged due to misuse of glue?? thanks ,,, ken
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    HO Bachmann DCC GP9 grab irons

    HO Bachmann DCC GP9 Do these units have separate grab irons or are they simply molded on?? thanks ,,, ken
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    Gosh N is getting smaller with age

    Well so much for my second foray into N scale. Purchased a Spectrun Dash 8-40C which comes with Rapido couplers. Well I can barely see enough to tell that it is a MINIATURE phillips screw holding them on. Scared to see the space available for the decoder in this DCC ready unit...
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    DC vs DCC and cost vs words

    DCC would not be a cost issue if some of us were paid by the word. :D take care ,,, ken
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    Non-Veranda turbine

    A Non-Veranda turbine - is there a special name???? before I look for one?? thanks ,,, ken
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    Decoder/light board - wire clips

    When replacing a light board with a board replacement decoder do you Use the wire clips or simply go straight to soldering the wires. I find it a pain to get the wire clips back on - not to mention some boards are of different thickness so the original clips won't work. thanks ,,, ken
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    Las Vegas - Train or general tool shops

    Las Vegas - Good train or general tool shops, are there any in Las Vegas remotely close to the strip or otherwise? thanks ,,,, ken
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    HO Kato SD90 - remove shell

    HO Kato SD90 - remove shell - any hint on how to get the hooks loose??? I just can't get the shell to move. Couplers are off and interfering handrails are loose. take care ,,, ken
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    JMRI & WiFi & Android

    In order to use an Android phone with the app (Engine Driver) that interfaces to JMRI via WiFi, is it neccessary to have a phone service on the phone? Can one simply find a used/no plan phone and still connect to WiFi and get the app on the phone??? Any suggestions??? take care ,,, ken
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    Serves me Right - Bachmann DCC loco dead

    Well it serves me right, but I got intrigued about some differences in DCC systems and how many more buttons need to be pushed with the Zephyr. Attempted address change on a Bachmann DCC on Board loco using OPS mode. Said loco is now dead, using the programming track with Zephyr, I get the...
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    Withrottle - small things

    Amused by small things I guess but for a guy with a Zephyr and no handheld wireless throttle ........ using WiThrottle is sort of interesting!!! take care ,,,, ken
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    Athearn U50

    Anyone know of a good place/price to get one of these? Any other comments on them? take care ,,, ken
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    Kato SD90 HO - railing

    Kato SD90 HO - railing The side railings come in more than one section. What is the best way to join these railing sections, technique and glue?? thanks ,,, ken
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    Decoders for Kato SD90

    Kato SD90 CP with ditchlights HO recommendation for decoder for basic function? and recommendation for a sound unit and install hints? On the digitrak factory equipped units what version of decoder is installed? thanks ,,, Ken
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    Intermountain ES44AC CP rail horn

    Having picked up my new Intermountain ES44AC CP DCC/sound loco ($167US including shipping on EBAY :D) I am wondering about the horn. Out of the 20 or so possible the docs list 3 possibles for the ES44AC. Air Chime K5HL Nathan K3KA Holen K5H Looking at it and seeing 5 horns, I assume...
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    Admiration for your talents

    Admiration for your talents I don't post many messages complimenting on the work that is shown here but everyone deserves a pat from the advanced to the nube. Mechanical detailing - I am amazed at the ability to drill grab iron holes and get them done neatly never mind lined up. We wont...
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    Diesel shells - flexible glue

    Diesel shells - flexible glue What are diesel shells typically made of?? If styrene - is that the same as polystrene?? What is a good flexible glue - with a somewhat breakable bond?? I want to hold the cab details in an Athearn SD70 down but don't want to weld them in place as well...
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    Genesis SD70, lights, Digitrax etc

    Genesis SD70, lights, Digitrax etc Just to summarize so I dont make any more unfounded assumptions. Genesis with old light board - has built in support for 1.5vbulbs - I hope obvious is correct Genesis with new DCC ready board + plug - has built in support for 1.5v bulbs - I hope...
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    Genesis SD70M ditch lights, Digitrak LB & DH123

    Genesis SD70M ditch lights, Digitrak LB & DH123 I have an old Genesis SD-70M UP 4016(G6201) from Ebay long ago (different project from my other one). The Athearn documentation describes installing ditch lights and connecting to the front headlight tabs. However this has a Digitrak...

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