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    Front End Friday

    Aveling and Porter No. 9449 The Blue Circle Vistor to the Battlefield line, Shackerstone, Leicestershire UK.
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    Santa Fe Sunday

    I realised that late last night while looking through my loco database - found that my photo caption was wrong ! Now corrected thanks.
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    Santa Fe Sunday

    Unlucky for some E6 A+B #13 PA + PB
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    Front End Friday

    A bonus, Fronts and rears ! Milwaukee Hiawatha Later version with F7 4-6-4 loco Original Hiawatha with 4-4-2 loco
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    What year was this rivarossi made?

    Hi. Rivarossi made this model from 1964 until 1996. This website gives the dates of the various models. Your Santa Fe version is from 1977 and looks like model 5090/03 as the wheels do not look like...
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    Santa Fe Sunday

    Rivarossi Blue Goose.
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    Spokane circa 1961

    It's been a long time ago but I think that the basalt columns were on the West side ( Near the Airport ?) and which is close to the factory making the bottle machinery. Colin.
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    Spokane circa 1961

    Hi. I remember visiting Spokane on business in 1998. The main things I remember was passing under a high railroad viaduct and also seeing hexagonal basalt columns sticking out of the ground like the ones in the Giant's Causway in Northern Ireland and Fingals Cave ! I visited two companies in the...
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    Front End Friday

    Still on the theme of the real thing. Welsh Highland Railway Beyer Garratt at Porthmadog station in North Wales U.K. Nominal 2 foot gauge NGG16 2-6-2+2-6-2 articulated loco originally from South Africa.
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    Western Wednesday

    SP Daylight
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    Front End Friday

    U.P. U50 and GPs meeting at dale Junction
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    HO Con-Cor PRR MP54 DC

    Glad to help. Hope you get it fixed. Colin.
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    HO Con-Cor PRR MP54 DC

    Maybe something here will help Hope this helps. Colin
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    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hi Marco, welcome to the forum. I have been to Utrecht several times for the company that I worked for to set up exhibitions at Jaarbeurs. Unfortunately I did not find time to visit the railway museum which I regret ( Same thing happened at the French muesum at Mulhouse !). Rode on some trains...
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    Which DCC Decoder Board Do You Use ?

    According to the QSI manual I have the reset to factory defaults is Reset Quantum decoder to original factory defaults (i.e. Reset all CV’s) 1. Set CV 49 to 128. 2. Set CV 50 to 255. 3. Set CV 56 to 113. In Ops Mode, you will hear “Reset” when reset is competed. This worked on another forum...
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    What is this loco

    Here's your loco. Just scroll down to the "Private Railway Locomotives " section. Colin.
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    What is this loco

    This is a typical European "Steeple Cab" loco . Many were made by different model manufacturers and this looks like one known as an "Eidelweiss" and is is the colours of a rack and pinion ( Cog wheel) railway in the Alps. It is in real size electrically powered so should have a pantograph on...
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    Precision Craft F3 locomotives imported by Broadway

    Hi. I just had a look at my Precision Craft D&RGW F3 A+B and they are real with holes through! Colin.
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    Realistic steam and smoke

    Synchronised puffing smoke has been around for some years from Broadway Limited and other companies. I have about 16 locos with puffing smoke from Broadway, All US prototypes. Steam from the cylinder area is caused on the prototype locos by the cylinder drain valves which release condensed water...
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    Yep - I Need to Model This!

    What about a steam version ? Scroll down for video.

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