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  1. suprduc

    Scl gp38-2

    I have a Proto 2000 GP38-2 in the SCL scheme that has dual headlights in both the nose and numberboard locations. Not all of their GP38-2s were like this BTW. I was contemplating repainting this particular model for the CP or CN/IC which means I will need to fill in one set of lights. That got...
  2. suprduc


    I am looking to add an enginehouse to my layout so I have been searching around for my options. I am looking for something that is in the modern era and have come across a few of them but am still open to more. The two that I have found so far are from Pikestuff. One of them is the actual...
  3. suprduc

    Bev-Bel rolling stock

    Does anyone have any information on Bev-Bel rolling stock? Good quality? I've seen some of it on Ebay lately but can't seem to find any information about them and all I am finding is that they are possibly made by Athearn. I have searched the forums here but am coming up short. :confused...
  4. suprduc

    Preliminary layout

    Started a preliminary laying of track tonight to test fit a few things and see what I will have to work with. Starting out with a small freight yard and repair shop on a 2'x6' area. Should be able to expand it to about 10' in the next few months or so. Once I determine where everything will be...
  5. suprduc

    First Loco

    Made my way down to the LHS after work today to pick up my first loco. I went with an Athearn C44-9W or Dash 9-44CW, whichever you prefer, in Canadian National colors with the North America paint on the sides. Road number is 2509. looks pretty good with the Atlas Hoppers wit DM&E...
  6. suprduc

    Getting into the hobby....with lots of ?s

    Hello all. Taking the advice of RexHea, I decided to start a thread to get some ideas from all of you. I am looking to get into the hobby and after spending a few days searching through the threads here to answer many of my questions, which you all have done a wonderful job of by the way :cool...

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