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  1. NYSW F45

    Genesee & Wyoming painted units for new railroad

    So, about a year ago i contacted someone about a set of numberboards. I was very surprised that they got back to me and offered a set. When I received them I inquired about the loco they came from. They told me they came off a former DME unit which was now part of the newly formed Rapid City...
  2. NYSW F45

    Weekly photo fun 6/21-6/28

    Its been a few weeks since someone started a weekly photo fun. So I'll start one. Actually got some time to work on my SD60's, the tunnel motor and my CNJ SD70MAC flared radiator. I got the DW plows installed today along with lift rings for the inertial filter hatch. And of course I run out...
  3. NYSW F45

    A-line brass steps for RPP, fit Athearn RTR?

    I am trying to find brass etched steps for my Athearn RTR SD60's and all i see are ones for RPP and P2K. Will the RPP ones work on an Athearn RTR shell?
  4. NYSW F45

    Winterization hatch for SD60

    Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket winterization hatch that will fit and Athearn SD60? The one I have that came on my rtr version seems like its a 2 piece version on the prototype but i can't seem to find any that match. Also does anyone have access to the athearn parts diagram for...
  5. NYSW F45

    How hard to strip Micro-Trains paint?

    I have someone asking me about stripping 2 SD80MACS that are painted in NS black. He wants them repainted in Conrail Blue. I said i'de do it but i'de like to know if its going to be a challenge to strip them down. Will 91% alcohol work?
  6. NYSW F45

    Boom goes the water truck

    Not sure if you guys have seen this video yet. Union Pacific train hits truck at crossing.
  7. NYSW F45

    Anyone have old issues of Mainline modeler?

    Does anyone have back issues of mainline modeler? Im trying to find an article that has a scale drawing of a NJ Transit GP40PH-2B in it. I've looked online and can't find anything and railpub only lists what they have in stock, not the content of the magazines. anyone help me out?
  8. NYSW F45

    How to calculate long hood door sizes?

    I need help really bad on this. I am building a custom built model that requires me to build a section of the long hood using styrene and cannon & co. doors. Only problem is, I have no way of getting the size of the doors as they are not the standard size engine room doors. I had emailed...
  9. NYSW F45

    Wpf: 9/17-9/23

    Can't believe its Wednesday and there hasn't been a photo fun thread started yet. Whats going on here? Here's my contributions this week. Cannon tread plate installed on a Athearn SD40T-2 with 123'' nose. Those clamps help hold it down while the glue dries, when removed from the fret, the...
  10. NYSW F45

    Kitbashed Passenger Diesel: GP40PH-2B

    Ok this has been a loco i've wanted to try and build since i got back into modeling about 6 years ago. But it was also something I didn't want to tackle due to its complexity of different parts needed. From the looks of it, it would like just a SD45 with 4 axle trucks, single DB fan an...
  11. NYSW F45

    Athearn RTR 4 axle trucks, which mount?

    Ok im hoping some of you guys can help me out. I need to know what kind of mounting surface is on the athearn RTR 4 axle trucks used on the GP's? Im slowly, very slowly working on a custom project that uses a SD40 frame with milled fuel tank. The frame accepts the sd40-2 trucks that have that...
  12. NYSW F45

    Adapter for Paasche talon airbrush

    I have a paasche talon airbrush that I need to start using soon. Only problem is I dont know what size threaded connection is on it. I can't find anything online or in the manual. The hose I have does not fit either compressor that I own and dont know which adapter to get. I have a braded...
  13. NYSW F45

    Other model train forums

    Been having brain farts lately and can't remember some of the other train forums i would browse around. Obviously the Atlas one is gone and they have a "atlas rescue forums" thats starting to catch on. What are some other busy model train sites? Anyone know what happened to
  14. NYSW F45

    Can a SD50 pass for a SD60?

    What are the main differences body wise from the SD50 and the SD60? I know the SD50's when first offered had smaller fuel tanks, but towards the end they were 4500 gallon tanks. Could a SD50 pass for a SD60 when painted
  15. NYSW F45

    Anyone make these parts

    Im planning on doing this model in the near future, so i've been piecing things together to find the correct parts. Besides the shells im going to need to kitbash it, the nose with the correct marker lights is a must. Does cannon's nose kit come with marker lights in the pic below? Also does...
  16. NYSW F45

    Norfolk Southern Heritage Fleet is coming!!

    It was leaked a few weeks ago about NS doing a heritage fleet to comemorate there railroad lineage. Well today the official announcement came out also was the drawn up images of what the ES44AC's and SD70ACe's will look like...
  17. NYSW F45

    Smokey Valley stanchions for athearn rtr sd60

    I have a set of smokey valley stanchions for an athearn rtr sd60. I have figured out which are for the walkway and pilots. But there are others I can't figure out, especially the plastic pieces. Can someone help me out?
  18. NYSW F45

    Will this cover up with primer?

    Ok so if you can't tell already, this was an athearn oakway leasing sd60. I stripped it in 91% alcohol and got most of the blue off except where the white stripe was and the logo. Those took some scrubbing and also media blasting with baking soda. You can't feel anything but I want to make...
  19. NYSW F45

    Decals with just locomotive models types?

    Besides custom printing them, are there any decal sheets out there that have just the locomotive model info on them? Such as SD40-2, SD45, SD90MAC, F40, Etc?
  20. NYSW F45

    removing floquil paint

    Will 91% isopropyl alcohol remove floquil paint from a shell? I had 2 shells primed and painted with floquild enamels. they unfortunately had some bad area's that got worse when I tried to fix them. So I am left with stripping the paint and starting over. But I want to make sure I'll be able...

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