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    thinking at getting out of model railroad

    Been a rough year my health as been bad and the medical bills have destroyed any chance to buy lumber and train equipment or even FD das. So I got a empty room with boxes of model railroad stuff just sitting there. Plus I planed to up grade my rolling stock and found its not worth it that's...
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    hy rail kaboda

    we got this working in the newton ks. a kabada set up to check track.
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    my new wheel cleaner

    i bought this last week at the train show any one use it
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    What the name of a tool

    Went to the great train expo sat in Wichita ks. And picked up couplers and metel wheels to update some of my rolling stock. Have the coupler guage and tool so that's covered. Need to get the tool for the wheels in case I need to do some reaming out the trucks but I can't rember its name and I...
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    Rough days for our real railroaders

    If the first of the year there has been a drop in business on the railroads. With railroad crews getting hit with layoffs or furloughed. They are hoping to be back to work in a month.
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    trouble planning layout help!!!!!!

    im trouble planning my ho layout the room is 16 ft by 11ft. One wall has a closet and the entrance it on the 16ft side. the closet has lever doors and take 4ft of space. from the wall to the closet is 5ft 8inchs of space. I have a bad back so i have trouble with a duck unders I want to make a...
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    down loadable buildings

    Who has used the downloadable buildings from model buildings? Are the any good or are the good just for temp building on a layout.
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    Problems with airbrush

    Prepainting my grain elevator got the airbrush out and my single action pashaa won't pick up the paint. I thinned the paint I'm getting air through the brush and the pickup hose is not pluged. Has any had this problem and if so how do you fix it. Thanks.
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    Thoughts on reversers

    With the move up stairs my train layout, I'm can't use a loop so I'm ether need to put double track with widen ends on each end or single track with sidings and a reverser loop on each end. I'm am using dcc. And wondering on the best reverser to price sence I have a small budget for my trains...
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    Am ii being to nice

    Well my daughter wants to move down stairs again. She wants my train room for the privacy. So my wife wants me to move back up stairs the room is smaller and I haven't gotten anything built do to money and mechanical problems with my truck. The room will be eacery to keep kill up stairs and...
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    Tried my hand at fixing a loco

    I tried my hand at fixing a bachmann loco my friend had. He had a derail and the train came off his shelf. Broke the wire to the front pickup wheel. I'm still a novice with soldering but he asked me if I could fix it. Well I got it solders and he says it running better now than before the only...
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    Ordered my grain elevator

    Last night I ordered my prairie co-op elevator last night. The kit will build a elevator unloading shed and office. I ordered it from Historical & roads. I didn't put a rush on the on it. So it will be a couple weeks to get here. I will get some pics sent when I get it I hope. Me and...
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    The first draft

    Here's my first draft for my basement layout. Nothing fancy and it will most likely get adjusted with time. Would you all think.
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    it would be easery if

    I Was thinking how it would be easery for new people to the hobby. If the was a check list and general parts list for some of the more involved projects like making a automated crossing or automated singles. I know you can cover all styles or thoughts. But a the basic systems would be a help...
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    my layout room marked out

    Here my layout room all marked out. 10 by 8 square with on side cut in to deal with a closet.
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    finely some good news

    As most of you know I been forced to give up my train rooms. So we can take care of my wifes family. well I have moved into the unfinished basement after losing the upstairs bedroom. Got it lighted good. Plus they found my lost turnouts my wife cousins 5 year old son hid them in his closet...
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    where's a good place to buy

    Where's a good place on the web. I'm looking to start buying buildings for my layout. But I don't got a lot of money so I'm looking for nice buildings or kits that don't cost a lot need building for a town and farms. 2 warehouse and a farm elevator.
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    kick out of my train room again.

    My mother in law has Cancer. So we are moving her in with us. The best room for is my train room. So I'm moved to the unfinished basement with my train. For room but it going to cost more on putting lights. The extra room means I can do a circle layout. My wife said I can whatever I want...
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    I hate moving lost the box turnouts

    Moved last month packed up all my track months ago. Well looking the the track and train boxes today and all my turnouts are gone. Hopeful it got put in a room at the old house and stills there. My wife cousins took over the house so I still have access. But I hate moving.
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    anyone got good plans for a module layout

    I'm renting my place no plan on moving. Starting a new layout as most have figured out. Looking for plans for building a module layout. Anyone have a set or know where a set is. That don't cost a lot.

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