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  1. Littlefoot14

    BNSF Announces Heritage Program

    Alright guys, April Fools. :D But on the topic, heres a few "What-if" Drawings ive made up that could be related to the topic. :cool:
  2. Littlefoot14

    NS Heritage Units

    From Trains Newswire... NORFOLK, Va. — To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Norfolk & Western/Southern merger in 1982, Norfolk Southern plans to honor many of the railroads that make up the present day NS system. As Union Pacific did a half-decade ago, NS plans to create a fleet of...
  3. Littlefoot14

    Questions about styrene

    Hey guys, Ive got a few projects and im needing some styrene. Whats a good overall/general thickness to order styrene in? Its relatively cheap so i dont mind buying multiple thicknesses, but id like to keep it to 2 or 3 thicknesses if i could. Does the color matter? Evergreen sells it...
  4. Littlefoot14

    More custom paint schemes

    Hey guys, I used to draw these paint schemes all the time. Last year a computer crash followed by a mechanical failure lead to the loss of every drawing i had ever drew. So, with that being said, here are some new drawings using the SD70ACe as a background. No lettering has been applied...
  5. Littlefoot14

    Athearn BB CNW DD40

    Hey guys, As part of a lot i bought recently, i purchased 3 DD40s from Athearn BB. One of these was a unit painted in CNW colors. It does not appear to be custom painted, as the colors and paint look consistent with other locomotives ive owned from the same time period. Ive never heard of...
  6. Littlefoot14

    Painting and Decaling Locomotives

    Hey there fellas, Im going to tackle my first custom paint job while im on summer break this year, but ive got some questions first. Can you recommend me a color for NS Black, CPR Red (current, not action red of the 80s), Alaska RR Yellow and Blue? Im aware of Testors/Floquil/Polly...
  7. Littlefoot14

    Been working on my photography....

    ....and i think its looking pretty good! Id love to hear your opinions! :) Heres some shots of my Athearn Genesis SD70ACe. Everything is done with a Sony Point and Shoot Camera. No tripod or special lighting. Thanks for taking a look!!
  8. Littlefoot14

    Just getting started with an airbrush

    ...and id like to know the absolute "must dos/haves" before i do something and have some kind of catastrophic disaster. I think ill go with enamel or acrylic paints, but how much thinner? Any specific thinner? What does "double action" mean? Im assuming its nothing like a double action...
  9. Littlefoot14

    Athearn Genesis SD70ACes?

    Im considering buying one of these, but id like some first hand reviews of them. Ive also got some questions. How fussy are they on track? How do they run? Will they tow alot of cars? Ive heard the details are incredible, but how flimsy are they? I know theres been some problems...
  10. Littlefoot14

    Custom Painting a Canadian Pacific Locomotive

    I think im going to tackle a pretty big MRRing goal of mine. I think im going to custom paint one of my SD75s when my airbrush arrives this week. That being said, i need some advice when it comes to supplies. Im going to be painting and SD75I into CPR Golden Beaver Scheme. A total fantasy unit...
  11. Littlefoot14

    Cost of Painting Fantasy locomotives.

    Whats a ballpark figure for painting fantasy HO locomotives? I know it depends on colors, decals and difficulty but for something like the following. D&H Lightning Stripes: 3 basic colors. 1 Stripe 2 Curves per side No commercially available decals. CP Rail Beaver Scheme: 2 Bacis...
  12. Littlefoot14

    Things ive always wondered about model trains.

    Ok, so ive finally gathered enough simple questions that its worth making a thread. All my locomotives are DC. Thanks for any help :D 1. Is there supposed to be an oily smell in the air when they run? 2. I run everything from Life-like to Genesis, and they all seem to have little sparks on...
  13. Littlefoot14

    A quick poll about the forums

    Hello members, I just have a quick question and a poll that relates to it. Whats your opinion about youth model railroaders and their role in the hobby? Also, how do you feel about kids using Model Railroad Forums?
  14. Littlefoot14

    HO Stakes for log cars.

    Do any manufactuers make the stakes the go on the sides of log cars? Im looking to scratchbuild/kitbash some skeleton carrs, but need to know if the stakes are available first.
  15. Littlefoot14

    Whats your opinion on this paint scheme?

    Ive been messing around on MS Paint while watching football, and i think ive finally settled on a paint scheme. Just looking to hear what you think of it, or if i should try something else. The scheme is inspired by the BN executive units and the Alaska RR scheme. The RR is a regional line...
  16. Littlefoot14

    Good hobby shops near Fenway Park?

    I might be going to Fenway tommorow, and im wondering if theres any hobby shops around Fenway that are within about 10 minutes, easy to find from Fenway (with GPS) and are worth going to. Im looking for something with a decent used inventory and carriers a variety of rolling stock. Thanks!
  17. Littlefoot14

    Truck problems with an Atlas Hopper

    Hello group members, I have an Atlas 2 Bay Covered Hopper and ive noticed something wierd about it, one truck is on an angle, and isnt running right. Ive checked the screw, and it appears fine, not an an angle or anything. Its an Atlas Frame with Atlas trucks in that means anything. Any...
  18. Littlefoot14

    What type of trucks are these?

    They look like a dogbone or dumbell. Ive seen them on old models. 2 axles, they look like a dogbone or dumbell. Does anybody know what im talking about?
  19. Littlefoot14

    Minimum radius of Athearn BB C44-9W?

    Hey guys, Does anybody know what the minimum radius is of the Athearn Blue Box C44-9W? I tried google but didnt find much. Thanks!
  20. Littlefoot14

    Looking for a more detailed GORRE & DAPHETID RR Trackplan.

    I found The Gorre & Daphetid RR online and i think id like to build it with some minor changes. But, i cant find a detailed trackplan. By detailed i mean it tells me what turnout size, curve radius, ect. Thanks for any help at all.

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