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  1. cncproadwarrior

    How to synchronize horns in a consist?

    OK, I have a 3 diesel consist that works quite well. All BLI Paragon2 diesels (one with QSI sound). The only thing is, when I blow the horns, it's like an orchestra. Three different start times and three different end times. Other than muting, is there a way of synchronizing horns in a consist...
  2. cncproadwarrior

    Problems speed matching old DC locos with new ones

    I have an Athearn BB SD40-2 loco that I would like to incorporate into a consist with 2 new Paragon2 locos. It's like trying to mix oil and water. Are there any suggestions from the DCC gurus to stop me from going to hell with this exercise? :confused:
  3. cncproadwarrior

    CN Train vs log truck
  4. cncproadwarrior

    JMRI won't read the decoder in my Atlas GP40-2

    I'm slowly learning to use DecoderPro. I have done two locos so far that I have also made into a consist. For some reason, DecoderPro will not recognize the decoder in my Atlas Gold GP40-2. It runs fine on my layout. Not sure why DecoderPro can''t see it on the programming track. Any ideas?
  5. cncproadwarrior

    JMRI not a easy as I expected

    OK, I spent the day playing with DecoderPro. It ain't as easy as I had been led to believe. Dare I say a big disappointment. 1- When I start DecoderPro, I get the Roster pane instead of the Initial screen. So I have to go to Settings to choose my programming method. 2- When I try to copy...
  6. cncproadwarrior

    Pulling power

    What makes for great pulling power? Weight alone? I know that a 6 axle pulls better than a 4 axle but that aside, how can you increase pulling power? I have an Atlas Gold GP50 that can't pull 12 cars with metal wheels. I've added as much weight as I could. I noticed that the loco wheels are very...
  7. cncproadwarrior

    Unable tro read CV - Atlas Gold Series

    I'm attempting to program my Atlas Gold GP50 on the program track with my NCE ProCab but it gives me an "Can not read CV" every time. I reset the decoder but still no luck. It runs fine but I would like to set some of my other locos to the same settings.
  8. cncproadwarrior

    Different couplers front and rear

    I noticed that the rear Kadee coupler on my new Atlas GP50 was too high while the front one was ok. I replaced the No 5 on the rear with a No 37. After doing that it was ok. Is this a common occurrence?
  9. cncproadwarrior

    Paragon2 Decoder reset button?

    Where is the reset button? I have been having problems assigning an address to this SD40-2 and now it won't respond.
  10. cncproadwarrior

    Retrofit a Blueline steam engine?

    Can you retrofit a Blueline steam engine to produce steam like the Paragon2 versions?
  11. cncproadwarrior

    CV values

    Are there any CVs that should always have a recommended or pre-determined value?
  12. cncproadwarrior

    Very cool display case

    Where would one get the rollers for this?
  13. cncproadwarrior

    DC mode

    I got one of my locos back from BLI repaired. The work order said it runs in DC mode only. Although the sound works in DCC, it won't move. I reset CV29 which I believe to be the DC mode reset. No luck. Suggestions?
  14. cncproadwarrior

    Disappointed in my Atlas Gold Series GP40

    It won't even pull a 12 car train. Wheels slip like crazy. No room to add weight. I guess I can always use it as a paper weight. :(
  15. cncproadwarrior

    JMRI or A-Track

    I just surfed into Joe Fugato's A-Track site. His software is similar to JMRI. Is it better?
  16. cncproadwarrior

    3 digit loco number addressing

    One of my locos is number 777. I can't assign a long address to it in DCC. When I do, DCC ignores it and still recognizes it as 3. So I had to go to a short address of 77. Can a 3 digit loco number be given a long address? And yes I set the long address value to 1.
  17. cncproadwarrior

    Accutrack speedometer

    These seem reasonably priced and claim to make speed matching a cinch. Has anyone had any experience with them?
  18. cncproadwarrior

    Crossover question

    I want to wire my crossover using 2 Tortoise switches to control the diagonally opposite point rails at the same time. Has anyone come up with a linkage to do this?
  19. cncproadwarrior

    Spdt? Dpdt?

    What kind of switch do I need to control turnouts?
  20. cncproadwarrior

    My first Atlas loco

    I just bought my first Gold series Atlas GP40 - Ontario Northland. My BLI locos have to be registered for warranty work but I didn't see a warranty card the the Atlas loco. Do they not have to be registered?

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