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  1. tillerman

    Making your own molds for casting

    Found them After hours of searching I have found a place that makes ho silicone rubber moulds,the companies name is Linka out of Virginia. is there web address. Mike
  2. tillerman

    Making your own molds for casting

    HO Molds only Ok,I'll throw my question up in the air. Doe's anybody know of any mold suppliers just for model railroading,not just rock molds,but other items,such as figures,statues,building parts. Thanks Mike
  3. tillerman

    Yard Sale Find

    In place Well here is the finished project,installed a couple of lights,and the arc welding setup inside the shop,placed some scrap peices around the front and wala,Fab shop in business. As alway's thanks for looking. Mike
  4. tillerman

    Yard Sale Find

    Yard sale find ready to put on pike Here is the finished project,combined the yard sale find with IHC's grusome casket kit,loading dock area with the project,and this is what I managed. Mike
  5. tillerman

    Methods for building structures.

    Don't forget Ok Dan I'll throw my 2 pennies into the mix,My personal preference,is to paint first,then assemble and touch up and weather. But the most important part of the building a good ole plastic kit, is to wash it off first with warm soapy water,to get rid of any oils that might be...
  6. tillerman

    Yard Sale Find

    Found this old Revell kit at a yard sale on Saturday 3-29-09 paid .50 for the shootin match,I'm thinking of incorporating this with the grusome caket co kit and transforming it into a steel fab shop.Hopefully.. So here are some shots of the shell as I bought it,just gave it a bath to remove...
  7. tillerman

    Weekly Photo Fun 3-27/4-02

    Play ball Just putting the finishing details on the park, so here are a couple of shots.By the way this is my first attempt at making fall trees in a large mass. Mike:D
  8. tillerman

    The Cliffside Mine at night!

    Sweet Ray: your work is fabulous, only one other word to describe the scenes,that you posted SWEET:D
  9. tillerman

    Weekly Photo Fun 3-20/3-26

    Awsome Work Wow, thats all I can say for what I have seen here by everyone that has posted a picture or 2. The work I have seen is just WOW!!!!! I'll throw 1 or 2 of mine in just for giggles. Don't laugh to hard..:D thank for sharing. Mike
  10. MGM Distillery

    MGM Distillery

    shipping and receiving at the distillery.
  11. Delivery at Piccorelli's

    Delivery at Piccorelli's

  12. MGM Distillery

    MGM Distillery

    A place were fine sippin bourbon is made.
  13. what do you mean? I'm parked to close to the crosswalk?

    what do you mean? I'm parked to close to the crosswalk?

  14. Ice Cream Shop

    Ice Cream Shop

    area just completed
  15. Ladder 9

    Ladder 9

    at the ready
  16. tillerman

    Just arrived

    Wow Alot of great work here,but boy do I need to learn alot more. Show you what I mean. Thanks Mike:D
  17. tillerman

    Just arrived

    just joined,and i am liken what im seein. Thanks for having me. Mike:D

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