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    Parking lot design help?

    I see the lot as one of two ways: 1.A truck backs up to the door so it loads from the rear. It must swing pretty much along the tracks. That leaves a couple of parking spaces - turn the green car 90 degrees and put it closer to the building. 2. A truck pulls up along side the door, and loads...
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    Who Cares Anyway....!

    Mmm... what era involves an SD50 pulling wooden reefer and a caboose? That's my era.
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    Walthers Champion Packing Plant

    I enjoyed building the kits (packing, ice house and stock pens). However, one needs to plan ahead as there is a large footprint. What I had intended didn't work, so I needed to change some aspects. Otherwise I would have need some three inch radius track (I'm in HO) to make it work.
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    Where is "the line"?

    Woot! I am not alone!
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    Rolling Stock and Mixing Eras

    ERA? Equal rights amendment? I run a mixture of what I like to see on the rails. No, it is not prototypical, but I enjoy it.
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    Locomotive Prototypical Realism

    Just to throw in a nickels worth... What about purchasing an engine from another line and never quite getting around to repainting it? GNMT76: I like your phrase of 'choosing not to own "devices"'. I too am cell phone and computer free (at home).
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    Do the books help any?

    To add to this: Aisle-side industries. The spur is at the edge of the layout with the industry implied being where you are standing. No real estate taken up; nothing to build! Selective compression at a new level. Got this from an issue of MR. Don't ask which one.
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    Nostalgia..What do you remember

    City, 2 digit code, state rather than City, State, zipcode
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    Atlas TT issue

    Thank you!
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    Atlas TT issue

    I have an Atlas turntable with the motor. It has worked great for several years, but is slipping now. Manually aiding the brass gear is needed to advance it sometimes. (Annoying!) The hand crank works and I feel no resistance. Does the belt tend to give out or stretch after a time? Are...
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    Copyright or patent

    Patent Attorney. Not a general practitioner. If there are potential $ involved, you want a real pro.
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    Layout height???

    About 4'. To sit I use a bar stool type chair. The height makes it easier to get under it. If I had a shelf layout, I might try 5'.
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    Metal wheels

    They are great. Check all them with a NMRA gauge though to be sure. Never had a problem, but Murphy's Law...
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    Electronics supply?

    Thank you! So much to learn....
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    Electronics supply?

    Thank you ! I knew I came to the right place.
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    Electronics supply?

    I built a walk around controller - one DPDT switch and a rheostat. Yeah, I should buy one, but what do you learn from that? The rheostat I bought is 25 ohm. From Radio Shack. Next size was about 1000 ohm. The 25 is too low reistance. Is there any spource where I can get perhaps up to...
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    impropper storage
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    Cleaning Track discussion time!

    I marked rubbing alcohol, but actually I use denatured. "None of the above" is needed for other thigns that may be used.
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    3rd Annual "How Many" contest

    565 for me. Even if I don't win, thank you for your generous offer.
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    Hob-e-Tac Issue

    I have had the same issue with hobby tac and the foiage clumps falling off. I finally started using wood glue. High tack and real holding power. I either dip the pieces into some glue or brush the armature with the glue. Stays put now.

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