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    Atlas TT issue

    I have an Atlas turntable with the motor. It has worked great for several years, but is slipping now. Manually aiding the brass gear is needed to advance it sometimes. (Annoying!) The hand crank works and I feel no resistance. Does the belt tend to give out or stretch after a time? Are...
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    Electronics supply?

    I built a walk around controller - one DPDT switch and a rheostat. Yeah, I should buy one, but what do you learn from that? The rheostat I bought is 25 ohm. From Radio Shack. Next size was about 1000 ohm. The 25 is too low reistance. Is there any spource where I can get perhaps up to...
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    Does TT scale still exist?

    It doesn't even get mentioned in books anymore, and the books that did said that it was a scratchbuilders scale with nothing available commercially. I have never seen such a layout. However, I saw some rolling stock in a hobbyshop once and it was a nice size. Sort of a cross between N and...
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    102 plans book question

    On page 26 is a photo of a small N layout. Naturally, since I like the look, it is not referenced to any plans of the book. Anyone know what the diagram is? Thanks!
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    Why DCC?

    I apologize if this was already done. Searching for "DCC" will yield nearly the entire forum. I have a small layout, and no desire for sound. Therefore cannot think of a reason to go to DCC. For the added expense of the basic equipment and converting the engines does not make sense to me...
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    Always something...

    Ya never stop learning.... There is one short stretch where two of my engines would hang up. (Coincidentally, they are both ALCOs.) I figured, ok, there is a quirk with those two. Then others started to hang up. I ran my fingernail along the track thinking maybe a kink or uneven joiner...
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    WS question

    Hi All, I have been using WS tree armatures and their foliage clumps - sold as a kit. I apply the hobby tack, let it dry to clear and then add the clumps. Looks great for a while, and then the clumps atart to fall off! Sometimes overnight; sometimes weeks later. Suggestions? I am...
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    Kato questions

    Hi All, 1. I received a Kato NW2 (HO) from a friend and it runs great. However, I noticed that only one truck picks up power. When cleaning the wheels, I roll one truck on a paper towel wet with denatured alcohol, and rev the power. Worked great for the front truck, but when I rolled the...
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    SWMBO has spoken - Help!

    I am a DC guy and don't foresee DCC on my layout. However, my wife has 'requested' something with sound. Is there a way to obtain loco sound with DC? Or is DCC the only way? Thanks!
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    Demonstrator engines

    Anyone else here like demonstrators? I have no favorite line, so I am using largely demonstrators on my layout. While it implies a fear of commitment, I am married 22 years. :) Using demonstrators also restrains the purchasing as there just aren't all that many out there. Further, with...
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    Long-winded request for opinions

    (I don't know how to straighten out the upload.) The top photo is from a Kalmbach book, which I really liked. I started that version a long time ago, but needed to put it all away for a while. The second (feel free to admire the artwork – I don’t own a camera) is what it morphed into...
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    Prototype - a first for me

    I am not usually concerned about how prototypical something is on my pike. So, when I was changing wheelsets, I simply threw them in to an empty gondola. Hadn't thought about what kind of load to add so I could increase the weight. Didn't look bad, so it's good for a while. Low and behold...
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    Track expansion due to temperature?

    I have soldered part of my track, but am holding off on the rest. My basement (the joys of an old house with radiator heat only; no AC) ranges from 55% in winter to 85 in summer. Should I not solder the rest to allow for expansion? Thanks!
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    RTR Kadee - change coupler?

    I recently purchased two Kadee boxcars. The coupler is, I believe, the 58. I would prefer the 5 just for consistency with the rest of my rolling stock. Can the coupler be switched? A brief look makes it seem difficult to open things up. (Yes, I am a newbie.) Thanks! BTW: I have...
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    Kadee installation

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I am building a relatively small layout - an 4x8 design from an old Kalmbach book, stretched to 4x10. Lone wolf layout - just me 'playing' with it. Newbie question: How best to install Kadee between the track magnets? Using Atlas sectional track, it...

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