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  1. videobruce

    How best to cover rigid foamboard & expantable foam on an incline

    I have a long area that consists of 1/2" rigid foamboard smooth & 'shaved' with expandable foam (also shaved down) on an incline that I'm not sure how to treat. Go over it with hydrocal or brush full strength PVA glue and sprinkle with medium Talus. See the photos. (The 2nd pic, note the much...
  2. videobruce

    Truck pins needed for N Scale Con Cor passenger cars

    I have a N Scale Con Cor 80' smooth side passenger car with no trucks and no pins. They are a 'split' pin design. Any idea where/what I could use to secure replacement MT trucks to this with?
  3. videobruce

    Best formula for ballast glue/adhesive for N scale

    This isn't another how to ballast track thread, but just what do you guys feel is the best mixture of adhesive/glue and water detergent and/or Isopropyl Alcohol? Most of the White Glue mixtures are 50/50, that and water thou I have seen 1 part glue & four parts water which seems kinda thin...
  4. videobruce

    Poses ballast spreader & glue applicator

    Has anyone had experience with these products from the UK?; The both seem to have some merit, I have hundreds of feet of N scale Peco...
  5. videobruce

    Edit OP in a selling thread

    I would like to edit prices and text in the 1st post in a selling thread. I see I can edit the 2nd post but not the 1st. Can a mod do this for me? Change it to this; All with MT couplers DC...
  6. videobruce

    SOLD: N Scale NYC & PC Atlas & Life Like Diesels

    All with MT couplers DC operation (modifiable for DCC) Smooth & quiet running, clean, all in original cases. Life Like GP20 PC (quantity 1) $40 Atlas GP7 Phase 2 PC (quantity 2) different road numbers $55 Atlas GP40 NYC (quantity 3) two with different road numbers (3003 & 3042) $55 Or BO...
  7. videobruce

    N scale Diesels; NYC, PC, EL, PRR

    DC only with MT couplers. Prototype built in the 50's to the 70's.
  8. videobruce

    Issue between turnout servos and locos

    I did come across this thread that seems to describe what I'm getting; But, other than possibly adding a 'cap' across the motor leads (1mf ceramic disc I would think), that was the supposed...
  9. videobruce

    N Scale massive database web site

    Sorry if this was already mentioned or known, but for those who never been there, there is a massive, really massive (over 93,000 listings) for just N Scale locos, rolling stock, accessories etc. in this site; What is most interesting...
  10. videobruce

    Securing servo mounts under layout to plywood

    Details; N scale, Peco electrofrog turnouts (around 57 yard & main), Motrak servo mounts, SG90 type servos, 3/8" plywood, 1/2 foam board, cork roadbed. Holes drilled under the throw rods, but they maybe too small and all are not 'dead center'. The only two ways I can think of are screws...
  11. videobruce

    Installing the piano wire for a servo in N Scale

    I wasn't sure where to place this, so here I am. It seems that the typical way to mount servos is to feed the piano wire up from the horn to the throw rod of the turnout. I guess that is easier in HO scale, but just how can one find the hole in the throw rod in N scale under the table?? Is...
  12. videobruce

    Servo control for turnouts, manufacture choices?

    I have a large number of turnouts to control and after doing some immense research I find there seems to be three current major choices to control SG90 type servos for turnouts (if there is any others please name them); (bold are not script related, no PC programming) Arduino Berrett Hill...
  13. videobruce

    Tam Valley Octopus III servo controler package (5 & Remote)

    I have a package of five Tam Valley Octopus III servo controllers (handles up to 8 servos) for turnouts. The pouches have been opened, but not installed. I also have the Remote w/ the 9' program cable for these units mounted on a plywood base for easier handling. Entire 6 pieces $150 ($220...
  14. videobruce

    Tam Valley Octopus III servo speed control

    I have these Octopus III servo control boards and using their Octo III remote board to program the controllers there appears to be an option to control the sped of the servo but I can't figure out how to do it. There is absolutely NO info on how to do this in the literature they give you or...
  15. videobruce

    Bad experience with No-Ox on Peco switch points

    Apparently I used too much of this stuff, and/or didn't wipe enough of it off the rails and the switch points. Coming back after a few years of non use, when I actually tried to run an engine, it didn't. Anywhere on the layout. I went around and wiped down the rails more then once then used a...
  16. videobruce

    N Scale Life Like NYC SW9 switcher with MT conversion kit

    In excellent condition, a Life Like NYC SW9 switcher with a MicroTrains coupler conversion kit included. I never used it since I'm not able to install MT conversion kits anymore like I did 7+ years ago. $40 + shipping
  17. videobruce

    Programming w/o a programming track with other locos removed?

    I know it can be done (sort of), but this has to do with an existing older layout that has three power blocks, but no programming track. This isn't mine, I'm tiring to help out a fellow MRR that isn't familiar with DCC. The layout is kinda large, it's HO scale in his basement. He has Digitrax...
  18. videobruce

    N Scale Bachman Plus PRR EMD F7; Pwr A, unpwr A & unpwr B w MT coupler packs

    This is a three pack of Bachman PRR EMD F7's; 'A' powered, 'A' unpowered, 'B' unpowered All with the original Rapido coupler's Also; two MicroTrains 1131 replacement coupler packs (for 4 units), two motors and gear & truck parts etc. that were removed for unpowered operation. What I could do...
  19. videobruce

    Life-Like E8, worm gear asssembly needed

    I need the worm gear assembly that sits on top of the truck that has a pin where (heat shrink) tubing is inserted off the motor shaft. I had to replace both pieces of 'tubing' due to age. The tubing had no 'adhesion' anymore. Problem is, the pin that extends out of the shaft of the worm gear...
  20. videobruce

    Any 60'-70' Passenger Cars; anything?

    Due to two 13" radius 180 degree curves, my full length passenger cars are a problem. They make the curve, but look terrible. After a brief search, I see Arnold, Bachman, ConCor, Kato & Minitrix had some, but most seem too 'toy like' which I kinds expected from most of these names except maybe...

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