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  1. RW&C

    Lionel Parts?

    A friend of mine was helping somebody move, and ended up with a box of Lionel bits. He had no use for it, so he gave it to me. I don't have heaps of use for it either but I don't believe in turning down free electrical/mechanical stuff, and besides, it came with a free box. :D I can probably...
  2. RW&C

    Mini layout in the works

    Hello All, I haven't done much train-related stuff lately, partly from finances, and partly from having so much other stuff to do. Anyway, I was tearing apart a printer the other night and I started thinking, this sliding bit would make a great transfer table. :cool: Here's what I built...
  3. RW&C

    Decoder not responding

    I pulled out my Model Power Pacific this evening to run it on a test track. It has an NCE four-function decoder in it, which I've never had any trouble with. I tried it first with DC because I didn't want to drag out the head unit (Prodigy Express). My power source was a half-dead 9v battery...
  4. RW&C

    Life-Like GP7, worth fixing?

    Hi all, I have a Life-Like SD-7 which, when it was intact, ran quite well. It's a bit cheapie (open motor, tubing connecting the motor and the worms) but the detail's pretty nice and, again, smooth runner. Then one of the wheels (out of gauge) shorted on an Atlas switch (useless), and, while I...
  5. RW&C

    Animations etc

    Have you guys seen this? The guy has loads of small-scale animation stuff. I was particularly impressed by the Z scale barber pole. :eek: Stuff like this is why I love small scale. :)
  6. RW&C

    What is this little thing?

    Found this on eBay and loved the design, but I have no idea what it is. The model is by Atlas, no markings that I can see. The Atlas web site has nothing about it. Anyone know what this is...
  7. RW&C

    Track plan... any good?

    I've been kicking ideas around for a while for my Red Wing and Canton RRy Co layout. It's going to have a connection to the BN mainline, and it's set in, eh, maybe the sixties. The BN mainline tunnels into the hills on both ends, where it descends to the hidden staging beneath the main level...
  8. RW&C

    Coal mine animation help?

    As usual, I'm getting way ahead of myself, and trying to set up my coal mine (Walthers New River Mine, cut down to a slightly smaller size) to actually dump coal into hoppers. I figure it'll make an interesting operation for friends/visitors who would get bored just pushing cars around, plus I'm...
  9. RW&C

    A few of my projects

    I haven't done much with engines/rolling stock yet, at least nothing notable, but here are a few structures I've had a go at. I do accept photo criticism, but please note that these aren't art shots. I'm putting those off for when I have the scenes etc built (at which time I'll probably borrow...
  10. RW&C

    Assorted DCC issues

    A few years back I got an MRC Prodigy Express system, which seems to work just fine. I'm having some trouble with decoders though. The first one I installed, I did it wrong, and it fried. D'oh. So I swapped it out for a new one in the same engine, and it works now, but slow speeds are very...
  11. RW&C

    New here and confused, as usual

    I'm new here but I've been into N scale since I was about six (18 now). I finally realized that there are some issues that a stack of old Model Railroader magazines and a willingness to try random things can't solve, so here I am. I'm freelance modeling a railroad called the Red Wing and...

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