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  1. PEIR

    SD70M-2/ACe car bodies

    I need some help with spotting features on the new EMD's. IIRC EMD went to many standard assemblies on the SD70M-2 and ACe. Are the car bodies the same between the two units? If not, what Athearn units have the latest features of the ACe platform? The forthcoming NS heritage units have...
  2. PEIR

    Stainless/Chrome passenger car finish

    I picked up a couple of the new Walther's chrome plated Super Liners and really like the finish. I have a few undec Budd cars that I would like to paint/plate to match. What are the steps and products needed to get the plated look?
  3. PEIR

    Atlas B40-8W parts diagram

    I would like to order some parts from Atlas and they don't have the diagram for the B40-8W shell online and I was wondering if someone could scan their parts sheet and post it or email it to me? My email is
  4. PEIR

    Dash 8 upgrades

    I remember seeing pics of some GE Dash 8's with mods done to their radiator section for tier 0??? upgrades but can't remember where I saw the pics or whether they were standard or wide nose units. Can anyone point me to the pics?
  5. PEIR

    Need some C425 Phase II help

    I am looking for the hatch/shield over the air intake behind the cab in HO scale. Does anyone make them?
  6. PEIR

    Mailcar Hobbies

    I was trying to get on to Mailcar Hobbies site for the past few days and the link isn't working. I tried a search and still didn't get anywhere. Anyone know if they moved or if the site is just down?
  7. PEIR

    Stripping a Bowser C630

    I was wondering if it was safe to use 91% alcohol to strip a recent run Bowser C630M? If not, what would be recommended to do the job?
  8. PEIR

    Atlas Commander DCC system problem

    I have an old Atlas commander that I use for programming (2' section) and testing locomotives (10' section) of track. I tried to program a C424 with NCE decoder and when I went to test the unit it took off at full speed. I tried a previously programmed unit that had worked fine and it did the...
  9. PEIR

    BN/BNSF GP7u cab help needed

    I have had a couple of undec P2K GP7's sitting for about ten years now and I decided to make a couple of chop nosed GP7u's out of them. Here is are a few pics of the prototypes There was a company making resin or styrene cab conversion kits a few years ago. Does anyone recall the...
  10. PEIR

    lift ring question

    I need to order some HO scale Plano lift rings and can't remember what I need for a SD40/45. They have four different sizes to choose from 14650 Lift Rings - 4 1/2" OD x 2" ID (48) Stainless Steel 14651 Lift Rings - 3 3/8" OD x 1 3/4" ID (48) Stainless Steel 14652 Lift Rings - 2 3/4" OD...
  11. PEIR

    Spine cars

    I am looking at picking up some spine cars in the near future and was wondering what the pros and cons of the Athearn RTR and Walthers RTR versions were? The Athearn site doesn't show their spine cars with the hitches. Does anyone have photos of the cars on their layout?
  12. PEIR

    School me on GE "B" Boats

    I am looking at getting a few "B" Boat's and was wondering what the various carbody differences were between the B23-7, B30-7 and B36-7 were? I am primarily looking at CSX family versions if that narrows things down any. Stephen
  13. PEIR

    DCC + ditchlights for RTR SD50

    Hi guys, I have a trio of Athearn SD50's painted as NS from the latest run that I want to change over to my freelanced road. I am going to use a NCE DA15SRP decoder and want to add ditch lights to the front pilot and possibly the rear pilot. I had done many DCC installations and mounted ditch...
  14. PEIR

    NS RPU6 Slugs

    I had information on what the hood height was for these new slugs NS built but misplaced the info. Would anyone on here be able to help me out. This is the beast in question.

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