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  1. new guy

    Turnout Radius

    The "new" new, NEW plan calls for a turnout at the very start or along a curve and I'm wondering do the turnout radii match existing sectional track in HO scale. This will make or break the part of the plan involving a turnout at the beginning or along the curve in question. No "horsing" it back...
  2. new guy

    What makes it a "Train"?

    How many cars behind a loco does it take to constitute a "train", just one? Would a tender behind a loco, while being technically "IN train", behind the engine, BE a "Train" on it's own? IF it is the case that one car behind an engine is not technically a "train" what is it called among those...
  3. new guy

    Where is "the line"?

    Wanting to replicate prototypical operations is one thing and admirable it is, it drives the hobby to a large extent. HOWEVER page 86 of this months MR mag sent me screaming into the night! This guy actually expects us to believe he has this in his house and he CANNOT just pick up a throttle...
  4. new guy

    YOUR MRR "Holy Grail"?

    There are as many reasons to do this as there are layouts to do it on, so... WHAT- is/was your "ultimate goal" when you found yourself with a "Hankering" for MRR? My "Goal posts" keep moving, it was just to get trains running, now it is grades and inclined curves, next, it will be scenery...
  5. new guy


    A quick reshowing of the initial construction and track plan followed by continuous updates on the latest incarnation of the Michigan Central UNLIMITED! In the beginning, the basement was full and without trains. This is actually the garage but that JUNK is only PART of, but a good...
  6. new guy

    Ridin pix

    The day I got on this scooter it had 850 miles on the odometer it now has 6350 on it! It's addictive if you have a good place to ride and I've got it. As far away from "town" as you can GET! It does not take long though to start getting stiff sitting on that thing and I stop often. Here is the...
  7. new guy

    Drop feeders

    I'm still running multiple (6, sometimes 9 locos/w/lights and sound!) trains on 400+ feet of track with ONE (1) power feed. I notice no 'slow spots' and everybody trucks along with no trouble. Half the track is new out of the box and half was OLD and had SCHMUTS on the rails with old joins that...
  8. new guy

    HEY, YO, Dinosaur!

    Back last summer when I was just getting some knowledge of the layout world I heard something among the tumult about dinosaurs hidden on a layout as a 'thing' that was started by one of the legends in the hobby. Anybody that could flesh that out for me that would be cool, I thought it was a...
  9. new guy

    Train show preperation

    The first Train show I will attend with money in my pocket and items for trade in my hands is SUNDAY! ANY tips and or advice from those who have been to one of these before will be VERY welcome! I have worked shows before but they were antique shows and not specific to any particular things...
  10. new guy

    Couplers, body or truck mount, why, why not?

    Not being worried about the prototypical look or looks in general when it comes to smooth running, WHAT are the pros and cons of truck vs body mounted couplers and their various lengths among the more experienced 'layout runners' who may see this thread? Thank you for any advice and or examples...
  11. new guy

    Michigan Central UNLIMITED

  12. new guy

    Bout to go buck wild!

    I'm a typical case, doc. Had the circle ho set as a kid and loved it. It did not survive long due to no ply and moving a lot. Saw a "real" home layout( somebody had MORE than 2, 4x8 sheets for space!) at about the same time and KNEW I had to have one.

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