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    my bachmann ez command isnt working

    The socket in the EZ Command where you can plug in your DC controller as a slave controller.
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    American Flyer Reverse Loops

    I would do it a little different The small blue lines indicate where the outer rail should be isolated. If you switch turnouts 'A' and 'B' in conjunction with reversing the polarity of the reverse loop feed it will keep things very simple. With the switch in one position you will be able to...
  3. Blackpool 'Balloon' tram

    Blackpool 'Balloon' tram

    A Blackpool 'Balloon' tram photographed on 'Tram Day' at Fleetwood
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    my bachmann ez command isnt working

    It does sound like the E-Z command is faulty. One more thing to try is to plug your DC controller in to the jump-port on the E-Z Command and see if that will control a DC loco that way, and then set the DC controller to stop and try running your DCC locos again. Some of the Bachmann decoders are...
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    Signaling a complex junction

    You can mix and match 3-head and 2-head masts, you just have the number of heads needed to show the aspect. Especially when some masts will offer fewer routes you will need fewer heads. A dozen masts is a lot, and you will not fit a very long train in to 5' in H0. Which signal system will you...
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    Signaling a complex junction

    Hi Todd I will stick my oar in now. I think your initial thoughts are not too far from the mark. I am assuming that the mains are all bi-directional (you could lose two of the masts if they are not), rather than right-hand or left-hand running double tracks. The use of three head signals can...
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    Servo jitter with long leads

    It looks like there is a problem with the impedance of the device generating the servo pulses, adding the resistor lowers the impedance. This needs to be a low impedance in order to quench interference on the signal line to the servo (some servos have an excessively high input impedance!)...
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    Insulated Frog or elecro frog for DCC

    Unifrog is the answer. It has a metal frog that is very small, smaller than the plastic frog of insulfrog, so you can choose whether you wire the frog and use it as live frog, or leave it unconnected and use it as dead frog. The unifrogs to not come wired for power routing so traditional DC...
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    Power source for lighting

    If buying a power supply specifically for lighting I would get a USB charger since lighting nowadays is all LED based. The USB chargers are very readily available and very cheap. I single 3A USB-C phone charger can run at least 150 LEDs and being only 5V you will not have to worry about too much...
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    Frog Juicer as Auto Reverser.

    It will be better to put the breaks in the outer rails of the point feeding the loop as in this diagram. There is no need to isolate the frog (live frog is best for this situation) because both rails will always be at the same potential. The only issue you might have is how much current draw...
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    Show Your Face

    I am at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology with a class 77 1500V DC locomotive. It was sold to Holland and then repatriated so still carries the dutch livery and number rather than its British Rail livery.
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    DCC wiring problem (reverse loop)

    You will be best using the section of track from T8 (including T8) over the bridge to T3. As long as you only have one train on this section you will be fine. You will need to use insulated joiners on both rails approaching T3 (not just the frog rail) and the outer rails of T8 rather than the...

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