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    WTB Intermountain SD40-2 L&N/Family Lines SCL/L&N

    WTB either by individual or if they know a hobby shop that has them a pair of Intermountain SD40-2 L&N/Family Lines SCL/L&N with the full frontal light package . I will also be open to Athearn RTR SD40-2's as well.
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    NMRA cheat sheet

    I use to have a sheet that allowed a car length that would go from say 40-45 feet set at a certain length and would go up from there. Does anyone know of such a sheet so I can work on correct weight to car length ratios?
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    Resistor equipped wheels

    I am looking to convert my freight cars over for use on clubs that have ctc operations. I was told to either place the resistors on myself. (not easy with oncome of arthritis) or use resistor equipped wheels by Jaybee Wheels. I went to their page and found that the 33" wheels with resistors...
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    Fox Valley GP-60 DC unit to DCC

    I recently purchased an Fox Valley Models GP-60 in Norfolk Southern. I purchased it in DC/DCC ready mode. I am asking if anyone who has one of these models can recommend what decoder to use with this locomotive?
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    DCC Decoder for a P-42

    I just purchased a Kato GE P-42 locomotive in DC standard w/o sound and want to know what decoder anyone who has one would suggest for maximum use of the locomotive?
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    Kato Cab/Coach car couplers

    I am starting to work on my Kato Pullman Standard Cab/Coach & Coach cars in Amtrak and need to know if anyone can suggest what Kadee couplers to use on the cars since they have such long shanks?
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    Model Railroad News article on circut board for the Athearn Genesis Bay Window Caboos

    I remember there being an article in Model Railroad News on the Athearn Genesis Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose series and how to install a basic circuit in the non-lighted units. Does anyone have a copy of that article or have a way that it can be brought up?
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    SD-90/43 Macs and SD-70ace?

    I was just looking at the Golden Spike Tower webpage camera for the Pocatello Yard and saw a number of SD-90/43 Macs in what looks like the dead line and 2 of the SD-70ace's of the Heritage Fleet (MKT and DRGW) also in what looks like the dead line. Does anyone have any information on either...
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    Railroad Photo Image program?

    I have uploaded the RR model train inventory from wonderful information given here. I now need a photo program to upload to put photos with the inventory I have. Does anyone have any leads?
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    Transfer Cabooses

    Not sure if someone has talked about this before, but has anyone seen when they were still around a transfer caboose. I have read of the various roads that had them. I just recently purchased a Custom Brass N-6a PC/CR transfer caboose and wanted to know if they were also used in local service...
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    Rail Car Inventory Program

    I use to have a inventory program for my equipment (locomotives, freight cars ect.) I am wondering if anyone might know of any current programs available?
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    Broadripple Station

    Can Anyone please tell me if they have had any luck in contacting Broadripple Station? I have called numerous times trying to get informtion from items I have seen on their webpage and get nothing but the voicemail. Also can anyone tell me their store hours?
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    City of San Francisco Consist

    This may seem like a silly question, but here goes. I am working on the famous "City of San Francisco" passenger train and am getting cars set up between the Walthers "City" and some of the brass passenger cars for the Oakland to UP section of the line. What I need from someone who might know...
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    Running compatibilty

    I was wondering this question after reading some of the reviews of the Athearn Veranda Gas Turbine and has an interesting question to put before you all? Being that I am not a big fan of DCC (large collection of standard and pre-dcc brass) and just to show you how long I have been in the hobby...
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    Model of NS RP-ED4 Road Slug?

    A few years back I remember talking to a model railroader who does Norfolk Southern (Modern) and was telling me there was a shop back in the NS territory that did the RP-ED4 road slugs? I am just getting back into the project in general (many different roads SP/UP/WP of the old days) but also a...
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    Any thoughts on BLI Cal Zephyr cars

    I am looking to model a California Zephyr train with the BLI cars and don't have the cars to chase down. Has anyone done any letterboard/initials changing on any of these cars? Can it be done?
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    BLI Calif Zephyr Cars

    I have a question for any owners of the BLI Calif Zephyr Cars. My local hobby shop has the necessary cars to do the entire train, but I want to letter some of the cars for the other roads and names of the silver series. Will the Micro-Scale decals fit the existing letterboards and initials ends?
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    Sp sdp-45

    I have seen by the notices that Division Point will be coming out with a Newest version of the SP SDP-45 and from the looks of it, the units will be a further improvement on an very splendid model. The down side I can see will the price. I have also heard rumblings that Athearn is suppose to...

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