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    Intermountain GP16

    I received a notice on Facebook that Intermountain is coming out with the GP16. Only news i have on it is the price is TBA, and the only scheme that I know of is SCL/LN Family Lines. There will be more schemes, but I do not know which ones. First the GP10, Now the GP16. Whats next, Intermountain????
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    New Intermountain GP10's

    I just saw on Facebook that Intermountain is going to be making H.O. scale GP10's. So far, all that I know is that they will be releasing them in about 12 roadnames, including IC, ICG, and IAIS. More info will be on Intermountains website as to prices and expected dates ( i think ). I can't wait...
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    Family Lines SW1500

    Recently, I was paging through a 2001 Walthers catalog, and I ran across the Athearn locomotive section. I noticed that under SW1500, they listed a Family Lines SCL/LN unit. I was totally unaware that Athearn put out a SW1500 in that scheme, and was not aware Family lines even HAD SW1500's. Does...
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    Train Set Question

    A friend of mine got a Bachmann train set for Cheistmas. The set is called the Challenger. In the set is a NC&STL 0-6-0 steam switcher. It's road number is 170. Would this have been a REAL NC&STL locomotive? What railroad did NC&STL go into?? Thanks for any info.
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    N scale vehicles

    OK guys, N scale is REALLY lacking in vehicles compaired to H.O. scale!!! Heres athread to see exactly WHAT people would like to see produced. Maybe someone in the N scale manufacturing world will read this!! Lets give them ideas!! My first request from N scale companys would be to take a...
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    What new H.O. Vehicles would you like to see made??

    My very first picks would be 3 versions of a late 70's Kenworth Cabover. 1. A single sleeper version 2. A double sleeper. 3. A double sleeper Aerodyne. I would also like to see mid to late 70's single and double sleeper Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner Conventionals (long nose)...
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    POLL: New "N" Scale Power

    What new locomotives would you MOST like to see produced, that isn't available now?? My Choices are: An ATLAS S2!!! The H.O. ones were AWESOME!!! A "N" MP15AC. A SD38-2 Most of the G>E> u-boat and -7 loco's. Those are my picks, What's yours???
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    Needed H.O. Scale Vehicles.

    Hey H.O. scale vehicle guys, I've been thinking about some of the vehicles that are under-produced. Not too many model choices in these catagories. I would like to see some of these done in H.O.!!!! 1. Busses, like the Grayhound and Coach USA variety!!! Busch did a great GMC "fishbowl"...
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    Who here still uses cabooses at the end of their trains? I model modern era for the most part, but I REFUSE to model FREDS or EOT's. I still put cabooses on the rear of the trains, even if its coal or double-stacks!!! I have about 55 cabooses in H.O. scale. Most are from today's railroads, but a...
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    Your H.O. Fleet Question

    What type of locomotive is the backbone of your loco fleet?? What type of loco do you roster most?? I probably roster more GP38-2's than anything else, so, the GP38-2 is the backbone of my fleet. I have about 25 of em. The SD40-2 or SW1500 comes in a close second, I have around 15 of each.
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    Modern Fallen Flag Modelling

    Having seen the NYC SD70m's on these forums inspired a question for everyone. If you were to model a fallen flag railroad as it would exist today, what railroad would you model, and why? I would model the Illinois Central, in Orange and White. Why? Other than the fact that I liked the paint...
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    Boley Fire Trucks Question

    I have a rather LARGE H.O. scale fire department, with MOST trucks done by Boley. I have kept up with all the lastst trucks that Boley put out, up to the HAZ-MAT unit. Boley at one time reported that they had plans on making three large pieces of equipment, those being: 1. A three axle S&S...
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    H.O. Scale wish list

    What would you like to see made in H.O. scale, that isn't produced now?? The list can include ANYTHING, whether it be Loco's, Vehicles, Rolling Stock, Whatever!!! My wish list is this: 1. A Alco HH600, or 660. I'd love to see Atlas put this one out!!! 2. There is currently a H.O. 1969...
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    What Railroad, era, and location???

    Just curious, What railroad, era, and general location do you model?? I do not have a layout yet, but when I get one started, These are my layouts stats: Railroad; I will be modelling the Indiana Harbor Belts line from Blue Island yard to Norpaul yard, in the Chicago area. Era; I will...

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