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  1. Smudge617

    Life Like GP 38 (Sante Fe #3500) Traction Tyres

    I've recently been given this Loco, I haven't had a look at it till today, it runs very well, motor wise that is, but the front truck needs traction tires, I've checked Walthers but I can't find the correct tire, HOseeker also has been no help as it only gives the entire wheelset. Does anyone...
  2. Smudge617

    Smudge's First attempt at painting a building

    I did say in the coffee shop I would post some foto's of my attempt at painting a building so here we are. I'm using this as a practice piece so I'm willing to try and suggestions or improvements you Gentlemen (and Ladies) may come up with I've just done a basic single coat, I used a sponge as...
  3. Smudge617

    Best Practice for Painting Wood with Acrylics

    I am about to embark on my first construction, painting and weathering of a laser cut timber, building, the construction is pretty basic, as it's a basic building, however, painting is another matter as all I have built so far are plastic kit's. So my query is really how do I go about doing...
  4. Smudge617

    Structures and Building

    Just a quick question for all the builders, when building a structure, what is the preferred base to use? I ask as the structure I want to build, unfortunately, has to be movable
  5. Smudge617

    Revamping My Layout, Your Thoughts Please.

    I've decided after two years I want to do more with my layout and am going to restructure parts of the track, one idea by Jazz was to remove the TT and add a disused building and track, which I liked. This is what I have now. The black lines represent a disused track that has been torn up, I...
  6. Smudge617

    Replacement Motor for Proto 2000 EMD GP-18

    I have been trying to revive this loco off and on for several weeks now, and have had to finally throw in the towel. It needs a new motor, but I have no idea which one would be a good replacement does anyone have any suggestions ?
  7. Smudge617

    Proses Track Cleaner, thoughts?

    I'm thinking of getting a Track Cleaning car, I find it difficult to reach the far side of my track. The CMX looks good, the price not so much tho', also a similar version made by Sharge, basically the same thing, price wise a little better, then I saw this item by Proses, wondered what your...
  8. Smudge617

    Minimum Spare Parts Required

    I've decided that I really need to start acquiring various spare/replacement parts that I will, at some point, need, to maintain my, (somehow,) ever growing collection of HO scale Locomotives. Alcomotive has kindly agreed to help me in regard to certain parts I want/need, but I think it unfair...
  9. Smudge617

    International Hobby Corporation

    Morning All. International Hobby Corporation, I've never heard of this company, anyone know anything about them? Are their loco's any good ? Thanks.
  10. Smudge617

    Suitable Replacement Truck

    I though I'd ask, before I make an ass of myself, if you thought this would be a suitable replacement for a freight car's truck, as I have no clue as to the various types used in the US. I believe these come with plastic wheels, which I would need to replace.
  11. Smudge617

    Which DCC Decoder Board Do You Use ?

    We all have our favourite "Go To" decoders, and I'm aware that it's subjective as to what your intending to want from it (sound/Non Sound, lights etc), but I've noticed when using different branded decoders, some seem to work better when fitted to a particular brand of Locomotive than others as...
  12. Smudge617

    Charles Ro

    I've seen a beautiful SD 40 in Mearsk livery, that's a "must have". As I don't know any of the companies in the US that sells locomotives new, is this a reputable Company to deal with, I know I've heard the name somewhere, but I can't remember if the comment was good or bad, so any information...
  13. Smudge617

    Replacing Flywheel and U/J

    Thanks to Tom's generosity I have the parts required to get the F-45 running again, but what is the best way to re-fit the u/j and flywheel without damaging anything.
  14. Smudge617

    How do I replace small springs into a flatbed cars truck

    I've have a flatbed car that I had to replace the wheels on (31" to 33") but one side of the truck came off, it's all metal, got the side back on, but I can't get the 2 small spring to go back in, is there a trick to doing this?
  15. Smudge617

    Bnsf SD 60

    Were there any SD-60's in Bnsf colours?
  16. Smudge617

    Electrical Short on Lionel Loco.

    Hi Guys, Good Afternoon from Sunny (not) England. Though I'd ask as you guys, as you have far more experience than me regarding this type of motor. I've got this Lionel GP9/7 which was a cheapo from everyone's favourite auction site. Cheap as it don't run. I managed to get the bodyshell off...
  17. Smudge617

    GP 18 Gears or complete wheelsets.

    I've the opportunity to acquire a Proto 2000 GP 18 BUT it has an issue, "clicking gears". A bit of research tells me that these suffered from cracked gears on several runs, opinion differs as to why from poor quality to undersized axles, depending where you look. So which, in your opinion, is...
  18. Smudge617

    Can you identify this Lionel Locomotive

    Can someone identify what type of loco this is please?
  19. Smudge617

    Expert Help Required, Athearn F-45 Drive Train Conversion/Replacement

    I have a Athearn F45, unfortunately the female U/J on the flywheel has broken and I am unable to find a replacement (the u/j is round with a slot cut into it to take the drive shaft). Can I, and if possible do I, replace it with a more universal available parts, what measurements do I need, how...
  20. Smudge617

    AHM Seaboard Coastline GP18 Spirit of 1776 & Caboose

    I've have the opportunity of acquiring this from a private seller, who is selling her late husbands collection, the loco looks to have the Riverossi flywheel motor, still have the original boxes, and looks in decent condition, I would like to pay a fair price for it, what would you guesstimate a...

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