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    Length of fuel/oil tankers.

    For those who run these on their layout, could you tell me the length of said cars:
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    24"X53" Suggestions.

    I stumped on what to do with the remaining 24"x54" space on my L-shaped layout. I got the majority of the layout done using RTS but its the remaining space that I need help with. Once I figure out a way to post the layout I will, but in the mean time I will explain the only stipulation that...
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    Since its been awhile since I posted (other than the past few days) I thought a reintroduction would be appropriate. My name is Mike and I currently live in Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood to be exact. I have been in the military for 11 years and have loved every second of it. I have always...
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    Truck/Coupler help.

    I finally got some of my rolling stock today in the mail. The pictures I saw were not that good of quality but that's what you get when they are EBAY pics. So when they arrived, I took them out and noticed they all have the horn hook style couplers. They are replaceable but I don't know with...
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    Track spacing.

    After a weeks worth of thinking, I finally decided to go with a yard layout. The size is 46"x104" with the option to expand into an L shape. I'm not worried about the L shape for now. All I want to know is this - What is the minimal spacing for track running parallel to each other? I...
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    RTS Track Question

    Does Atlas True Track match B-Man EZ Track?
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    Slug (B-Unit)

    First off, long time no talk. I've been extremely busy with a lot of things that was a bit more important than MRR. I'm good to go now and have a question. How much horsepower does a slug generally produce, or is it the same as the mother unit? I'm currently looking for some hump/yard...
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    OK, so im looking into this engine and was wondering something about it. The SP version has the "elephant ears" and was wondering if they come off? If they do come off, would it still have the flare look like the SF ones? If someone is confused here's what im talking about...
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    Barstow, CA Yard/Museum

    After a small break, I decieded to come back with a small bang. I try to stop at the Barstow Yard everytime I make my trip from Ft. Irwin to Victorville. Once parked i stepped out of the van and look what i found. Two SF Geeps doing some switch work After awhile a intermodel train led...
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    Leaving the Hobby

    As the title says im leaving the hobby. As of right now the hobby is to slow for me. Im at a time in my life where i need action and/or a fast pace hobby. Thats why i pulled out my airsoft guns and resumed the sport. I know this is a brief see-ya later but i feel that this hobby is not for...
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    other 1:87 trucks/cars

    Frist off, who owns any herpa trucks/trailers? Are they good quality? Second, will an euro modle trailer like this fit on the trucks that walmart sales? Third, does Trident Miniatures make good trucks/trailers too? I plan on doing a...
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    A pic i found of a train wreck this is a pic of a truck derailment taken on Nov. 20 1991 the artical above is the only info ive found that explans what happend
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    A little something something

    So i bought three 1:87 cars and this is what one looks like sized up on a GP-20 on B-Man EZ track. This is a project i did today. I used a lighter and broke...
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    SD40 question

    Ok after much looking around im going with two SD40's one powered one non-powered. The question i have here is to get the non-powered do i by a kit? or buy it piece by piece and built it? My next question is would a 6 axle unit have problems going thur a #4 switch?
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    Heljan Overhead Crane

    Anyone running this crane right now?? If so how does it preform and if possible could ez-track be used up too the track that comes with it??
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    What body can i use??

    I have a F7A. The one that comes in the warbonnet xpress train set. I was wondering what body would fit on the chassie?
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    My beginning/My first

    Ok so i've finished up my 4x10 table for my layout, bad part is due to and injury i got in iraq my hand is not as steady as it use to be. My table goes into a point in the middle. ( i just ran a 45"x36" oval test in the center of the layout and no derail but that was with a GP9M and 4 cars) Its...
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    Is it me or what?

    Ok i have some pics of my freshly build table for my layout with some pics of a small layout. The problem is everytime i try to upload, it wont let me. Something to do with Internet Explorer not workin or something. Am I doing this wrong, is there a trick i dont know....HELP:confused:
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    Curve Radius Help

    Ok im noob at this hobby here and i need help. In my layout i want to run a SD40 or a SD40-2 by athearn or bachmann. My question is what is the min radius i can run with these loco's. All my layouts ive done using RTS 7.0 have 18" ers. Do i need to do another one that has a 22" radius? If it...

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