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    Modeling a Modern Port(And a partial trip report)

    Hey guys. I recently took a trip to the Norfolk/Va Beach area. If anyone is familiar with the area, you'll know of the three "bridge-tunnels" in the area, two of which are on the main interstates leading into the area, and the other is a toll bridge-tunnel on a federal highway leading to VA's...
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    ATSF Hoppers, Or a lack of...

    I've done my homework, and it looks as if ATSF never had any FMC covered hoppers similar to the MDC/Roundhouse models. Can I get a confirmation of the above statement over here? I had planned on weathering this from a photo, but it looks as if I'll have to freelance it. Thanks, Matt
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    Next up...

    ...An Intermountain Espee 3 Bay Covered Hopper. The detail is amazing on these hoppers. However, it lacks coupler cut bars, and the stirrups are worse than Athearn BB's! The old Kadee #5's will be replaced with #58's, the capacity will be blanked out, I'll add cut bars and new stirrups, and...
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    Tex-Mex Box Car

    About time I posted something. This is a Roundhouse Texas Mexican Railway box car. It's not...
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    AW&MW Car #5: An Athearn RTR Evergreen 40' Hi-Cube Container

    Okay, so this isn't a car per say. ;):D:p This is an Athearn RTR Evergreen Marine Corporation 40' Hi-Cube Container. The photos are from eBay(If you couldn't tell), as it is on right now. Critique is welcome.
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    A Quickie for My Personal Collection

    This was no big deal, but I thought I'd share it with the weathering "community." It was really just black chalk, tape, and Dullcote. This was a Bowser 45' 100-Ton Coal Hopper, factory "patched"(note the quotes)CSXT. I made it truly patched. I taped over the lettering, and let 'er have it with...
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    Tired of Not Griming Up Those Corners?(Dirt tends to collect there first, hint-hint)

    I had the same problem, BEFORE I discovered ARTIST'S CRAYONS and MICROBRUSHES. I had heard about artist's crayons long ago, before I even considered weathering. "Oh, they work great on weathering!" they'd all say, but, ney, I said. I was reluctant to try them, but now that I have, it has...
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    How do you think I did? I went ahead and reviewed this book on eBay as I own it and enjoy to read it. This is my first "true" review of anything in particular. How do you...
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    Dullcote is my friend.

    Saturday, in-between important college football games(I had forgotten about the "Third Saturday In October" game on CBS)I decided to bear the elements, take my chances, and Dullcote my old, old Front Range Chessie System 2 bay cement hopper(If Front Range isn't old enough, take the manufacturer...
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    S'more Progress Shots(No, not the food!)

    Photos attached below. It's a Chessie box car, based off prototypes. I saw the graffiti on a box car the other day. Side A and the roof are complete.
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    Phosphate Trains?

    I hear a lot about phosphate trains and I see a few of them come through every once in a while. I would like to model one (CSX) and need help. What type of covered hoppers do they usually use? Any photos? Generally, how long are the trains? Any specific weathering patterns? Any help is greatly...
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    A Few Before/After Shots

    Here are a couple of my earliest weathering jobs. Includes the "before" photo. Before... After of the WC. After of the Santa Fe. I bought the two cars together on eBay, which explains the weird photo. One more: Before(As I bought it)... After.
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    Prototype Pictures: Weathering Inspiration

    (Photo copyright © Joe Shaw) All above photos copyright © Matt Johnson(Me!) Unless noted. If you have other photos that can be of use in weathering, post them here!
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    Quick Question

    Pop quiz(Except I don't know the right answer)Is it illegal here to mention about an item being listed on eBay?(I.E. "I just finished weathering ________, it is on eBay.") I wouldn't go so far as to listing a link, though.
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    Appalachian Weathering and Modelworks Car #4-A Railbox from start to finish.

    -STEP 1: Take "before" shots of car and post the thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following MrKluke's example on The Railwire, I have decided to start my own "From Start to Finish" thread. The subject of interest is an HO Scale Athearn...
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    MR Forum-Goers' Roll Call

    If you are a refugee from the MR Forums or frequent the MR Forums and are an active member, post your name or screen name(If you prefer to be anonymous most of the time, like me.) on this thread. Hopefully this will catch on.
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    The Weathering Thread

    I don't know how many weatherers there actually are here, but I decided to create a thread just for weathering. I, by no means, am an expert, but I have weathered a bit. I weather under the name Appalachian Weathering and Modelworks(eBay). [If that is considered "advertising," let me know and...

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