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    Interesting clip

    I got a news paper clipping/page from my mother-in-law about an interesting gentlemen who was an engineer. I found the web version of it and thought I would share it. Here is a link to it...
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    Ballasting track.

    For years I've used a mix of white glue and water for ballasting and recently read that some use acrylic matte medium instead. Is there any advantage to this? Has anyone on this forum used matte medium?
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    Gluing wood ties to rail

    I was looking forward to gluing ties to my turnouts this weekend, but my old Barges cement in the tube is too rubbery to use and I can't find this glue anymore. I read that some modellers use Pilobond, but I can't find that either. Any recommendations out there for a good adhesive? What about...
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    Cutting gaps

    I know that cutting gaps in rails allows for expansion and contraction. Has anyone ever heard of cutting gaps in roadbed? Why I ask is, I've been doing some research on laying roadbed on extruded foam. I've learned that some model railroaders have experienced minor shrinking over the years...
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    Has anyone used shellgrit on this forum to make dirt roads? I want to make a dirt service road and I'm in the process of researching on how to make one.
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    Post offices and mail order offices

    While working on my module, I've learned that it was common that rural post offices would be next to or close to the train depot/station. I want to scratch build or kit bash a a little Simpsons Sears order office...
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    Ground throws

    I read somewhere that ground throws are on the curved side of the turnout. Is this true? I have no room on some of my turnouts to put a throw bar on the straight side.
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    Derelict structures

    I want to construct two derelict structures - The base of an old water tower as seen in the first two shots and a single engine shed version like the one in the third shot. Note it has shingles on the side of it. I think the engine shed will be the easiest, but I need to get that sagging...
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    Just got these reefers. One of them had a warped floor causing the wheels to touch the under frame, but I fixed that by taking the shell off and un-warping the floor with a hair dryer. I didn't want to return it because I'm picky when it comes to paint jobs and assembly; and these shells...
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    My first modules

    These are shots of the first modules I ever made. They are made out of a hollow core doors, one inch extruded foam, and 3/4 " plywood fascias. The roadbed has been laid and sealed on the modules. They will be stored behind a door when not in use. I added mock-ups and will soon be adding...
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    Coal dealer shed

    I really like the look of this shed and would like to scratch build one like it. I need a little help in determining the dimensions. So far it looks like the higher side is a tad higher than a hopper. And the service doors I'm guessing are about 8 feet high?
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    Well I've come to the stage where I have to start figuring out how to wire my two modules in order to drill holes/prep for wiring. I always found wiring a bit challenging and its my least favourite aspect of the hobby. The modules are constructed of 1" extruded foam glued to a hollow core...
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    Central Valley turnout details.

    Has anyone used CV switch details on their hand made turnouts? I have to glue some ties to my skeleton turnouts, but was wondering if the details go on before or after.
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    Turnout switch machines

    As much as I like a manula turnout, is there a way to have a manual turnout mechanism without having one of those large throwbars? I'l like to go with a nice to scale switch stand. I'm wondering if there is a way to make it spring loaded. I'm trying to avoid a switch machine, but am open to...
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    Need ideas for temporary siding

    The temporary siding at the top right can hold 2 cars or 3 shorter cars. In the future this siding will be an extended runaround, but for now I need ideas on what the siding could be used for. Place to fuel a diesel? Service a business? Drop off coal/fuel? Would coal ever be delivered from a...
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    Novice using foam

    Novice at using foam If anyone is interested in a thread of me for the first time using foam on a module made out of a door, you can check it out. It starts on the 3rd page.
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    Engine sheds

    I got my eye on this shed, which is pretty close to the prototype I want to model. Does this shed only accommodate a loco backing in?
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    Turntable's edge

    How close can a track be prototypically to the edge of a turntable; i.e. mainline or branch line track.
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    Tie, ties, and ties

    After experimenting with ME track last year and got results I really like. (See pics) I decided to use it on my next module. I have hand made turnouts with out ties and I'm trying to find ties that will match the ME ties. I have wood ties, but they are a tad wider and higher than the ties on the...
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    Branch lines

    For the likes of me I can't find a post of mine in which I asked some questions about branch lines. One of my questions was, would it be prototypical for a short train to go backwards down a branch line to its terminus? And vice versa? Why I ask is I designed this two module layout that can...

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