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    Milwaukee Road SW 7

    Very nice job, I really like the grill detail. :cool:
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    Calling Milwaukee Road modelers

    For the early 80's sd 40-2 were run, it is almost the end of the line for the Milwaukee. You can also check the link in my signature. :cool:
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    Branchline Rolling stock sold to Atlas

    Atlas will probably turn them into RTR instead of kits. :cool:
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    Scorpius wireless digital train system

    What if you only have one big block, or you don't care about turnout control or signaling?? :cool:
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    Scorpius wireless digital train system

    I have a question, Can the controler run more than one loco at a time? For instance, I have one train running, will it keep running while I am calling up another? :cool:
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    Scorpius wireless digital train system

    Hey Karl, Maybe I could borrow your kid. I have had a Digitrax Zepher unit for 6 years now and still can't get anything to move on it. It works fine in DC though. :cool:
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    Athearn Genisis steam

    Thanks Josh, I bought this one new ,sealed in the box. Figure I would get a junker. I bought a brand new Spectrum 4-6-0 too, different seller. Only way to get it to move is to push it!!! Just trying to better my steam units, so far all the better ones have been junk. I have 5 cheap IHC steamers...
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    Athearn Genisis steam

    2-8-2 light Mikato :cool:
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    Athearn Genisis steam

    Thanks Cary, I will look into those points. The one I have runs backwards great but in forward it stops and goes. :cool:
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    Athearn Genisis steam

    OK, let me have !! :cool:
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    Athearn Genisis steam

    Anyone ever have a problem with the Genisis steam engines? :cool:
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    Tunnel City, Wisconsin

    The Tunnel City section is only 2' by 3', it is more like a diarama. There will be the mountain with two tunnels, one for Milw. the other for C&NW. two tracks ,two stations, and a few very small industries.Here is the start of the open grid benchwork
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    Tunnel City, Wisconsin

    Ken , Hopefully soon! On the other side of the wall is the south end of my Portage Yard. The track will go through where the white square is. the black rect. on the left is a by pass route so I can go by Portage on to the other side of the room for later expantion if needed!
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    Tunnel City, Wisconsin

    Heres the start of the Tunnel City section of my Milwaukee Road layout.Will post more as I get work done! Tunneling through the wall!!
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    MOW Equipment. Has Anyone Tried These?

    Grande Man, I seen them running at a show last summer, they seemed to do OK. Only thing is I couldn't find anything proto to match them up to, seems that Bachman made them up.
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    HO Scale Depot Questions

    Not unless we get permission from the magazine! Copyright laws ya know. :cool:
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    HO Scale Depot Questions

    Last months Model Railroader has a whole article on putting a depot on your layout. Parking lot, platform the whole works. Check it out! :cool:
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    BIG NEWS (for me)

    Congatulations!!!! been there three times, all girls :cool:
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    HO layout pics

    I got the E6 in early Milw. colors orange, gray, maroon! :cool:
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    Athearn HO 40'/50' Flat kits

    Ditto on the removable metal stakes! :cool:

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