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  1. Old 97

    Running Bear's June 2019 Coffee Shop

    Glad to see this place is still open. Was shocked to learn the last time I posted was December of 2012. Time does fly. Good to see some new faces. New to me anyways.
  2. Old 97

    Coffee Shop XXXV-12/3/2012

    Back at ya and you're correct. Lots of hoops, lots of jumping. Would you believe my doctor thinks I'm fat? :rolleyes: :p :D
  3. Old 97

    Coffee Shop XXXV-12/3/2012

    Thanks Jeffrey! Same to you. :p
  4. Old 97

    Coffee Shop XXXV-12/3/2012

    Glad to hear your cousin is doing okay, despite the fact that the area isn't getting much help. The Broake & Howe is alive and well! The B&H track gang is hosting an unofficial New Year's eve party replete with gandy dancer races (They only have one...) whistle blowing and a choreographed...
  5. Old 97

    Coffee Shop XXXV-12/3/2012

    Good morning All!!! Took a bit to work my way through the threads and I didn't read all of them. Glad to see the standard folks out and about with some new faces to boot! Happy New Year to everyone in case I don't get back before then. :p
  6. Old 97

    No More Trains

    Adios Larry! You're a true asset to the forums!
  7. Old 97

    ok who got trains for xmas

    I received a really nice book on north American railroading.
  8. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I know I did. Great ball game picture Jeffrey.
  9. Old 97

    Meathead - Says Hello from Down Under!

    Welcome aboard Meathead. Great pics too.
  10. Old 97

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Ditto for me! :D
  11. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Hang tough Jeffrey! Good looking caboose BTW!
  12. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Hello All! Funny how time flies when jumping through hoops. Hope everyone is well as can be expected.
  13. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Good night Jeffrey. I'm outa here too!
  14. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Ditto and ditto for me! :p
  15. Old 97

    Automobiles; Which are the best for an HO layout?

    I prefer the ones by Malibu International LTD. The pickup trucks by life-like are good too. +1 for the link to the 1/87 vehicle thread, as it has tons of info. I'm thankful that I purchased many of my vehicles when Walmart was swimming in them. :p
  16. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Morning All! Thanks for opening up the door Bill. :) Great in your face shot of 450 Jeffrey! I liked it! :p Hey Flo, could you please bring me a cup of joe and a piece or two of rye toast and butter? With jam? And maybe an egg or two? Oh, sunny side up please. Yes. Homefries too with a sausage...
  17. Old 97

    Comment by 'Old 97' in media 'On30 critter.'

    Excellent work! Right down to the rust streaks and rotted cab sill.
  18. Old 97

    which camp are you in ??

    Real live zombies! :eek: I see adult ones all day too. :rolleyes: But getting back to the OP, I prefer model railroader.
  19. Old 97

    The slow build of the un-named railroad

    Ditto for me!
  20. Old 97

    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Have a goodnite Jeffrey! I'm outa here too!

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