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    Check this out!

    Those pictures are sweet looking. Very detailed. I do have a question or two. Are you going to do more EMD's? If so, is the SD38-2 one of them?
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    Workin on the Railroad (what did you do this week?)

    I'm still hunting down some 'free' wood to finish my table. I've also been redoing my layout (RTS) and have not found a satisfying point for it.
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    Signs in your Trainroom

    Great signs Larry. You do requests?
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    Workin on the Railroad (what did you do this week?)

    I've been finishing my bench work. I had to add a 24"x24" section due to not having enough room for the freight I need to run. Talking about a PITA. I'll get some pics of it soon.
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    Steal Pictures from Photobucket

    Very true. I don't have that problem (knock on wood) and hope I never will.
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    Length of fuel/oil tankers.

    Would that be the 23K or the 25.5K tanker.
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    Length of fuel/oil tankers.

    Why yes that would be in inches. My bad for not saying that in the first place.
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    Length of fuel/oil tankers.

    For those who run these on their layout, could you tell me the length of said cars:
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    Question About Scarm

    I'm not sure what the max could be, but I've seen a few layouts with a 8% grade. Not to thread jack but I'm in the same boat your in right now. I have a part of my layout that I need to raise/lower but its going to be a such a sudden grade change that I'm unsure it would work. Heck, I have...
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    Question About Scarm

    I gave this program a quick shot and didn't like it. Huge learning curving for me and I don't have the time for it right now. I did however like the choices of track that you can use. As for your number; my guess that would be inches off the ground.
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    24"X53" Suggestions.

    Not too sure about a transfer table just yet. I just might keep the 24"X104" and call it a day. Besides I made the bench work in two pieces and can connect them when every I need to.
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    24"X53" Suggestions.

    I stumped on what to do with the remaining 24"x54" space on my L-shaped layout. I got the majority of the layout done using RTS but its the remaining space that I need help with. Once I figure out a way to post the layout I will, but in the mean time I will explain the only stipulation that...
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    Whats the best looking paint scheme?

    Not in any order but these are my favorite: Penn Central Green Santa Fe (blue and yellow) Alaska (blue and yellow)
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    Weekly Photo Fun 3-18/3-24

    Beautiful engines Chad.
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    Forum newbie in H-Town

    Welcome to MRF. Hope you find answers to your questions that you may have. BTW - You still live Springfield? If so I'm right down the road, Ft Leonard Wood. It would be great to see/talk to someone local.
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    Question about radius

    I have the same problem when I run my SD35 with a few cars tailing. They come undone and/or derail. So instead of pulling them, I now push them. Seems to work a lot better.
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    Question about Unitrack vs EZ Track

    Perhaps, but he might run into the same problem with getting a good connection if he continues to set it up and break it down.
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    Question about Unitrack vs EZ Track

    I use EZ-track and found it quite nice to set up and break down when needed. But that's where the problem lies. If you keep setting it up and breaking it down, the rail joints start to widen and get lose. I do believe that this will happen with the Unitrack as well. What ends up happening...
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    Since its been awhile since I posted (other than the past few days) I thought a reintroduction would be appropriate. My name is Mike and I currently live in Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood to be exact. I have been in the military for 11 years and have loved every second of it. I have always...
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    Truck/Coupler help.

    Thanks for the link. I should have thought about the kadee website. I think I found what I need to fix everything. Now I wish I had the cash to fix everything.

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