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  1. Old 97

    Larry's new Avatar!

    Hey Larry, I like the new Avatar. You look happy and fresh. Great job. :) Maybe I'll try something new myself. :p
  2. Old 97

    Oh the magic! 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair.
  3. Old 97

    US Military Railroad - Virginia 1863

    Found this on the web some time ago, thought I'd share:
  4. Old 97

    0-4-0 Docksider Cab Forward. Tooter approved?

    On page 79 of "The complete book of Model Railroading", the author briefly covers a cab forward conversion in HO for the popular Lil' Joe 0-4-0 locomotive. I was amazed to see this and have now added it to my list of model railroading "Wants". The example offered up in the book shows such a...
  5. Old 97

    Amazing American Cab Forward Steam Loco!

    Found this video: Truly impressive! :cool:
  6. Old 97

    The complete book of Model Railroading.

    I found this book at my local library and picked it up for under a $1.00! Had no idea it even existed. Looks to be a great read and talks of many facets to our fabulous hobby.
  7. Old 97

    SyncMaster 950p

    Just bought a used monitor for $20.00 and it's too big! :eek: :eek: Makes my eye hurt trying to read what's on the screen......:rolleyes: The computer table groaned a little bit when I lifted it up there and set it down. We'll see if gravity puts it all back on the floor. :p :D
  8. Old 97

    Model railroad magazines........

    Do you folks save them, toss them, give them away when your done? What type of collection do you have and what's your oldest model railroad magazine? As for me, I buy them, read them and stack them to forget about them so they become new again later on. :p :D Oh yeah, oldest one is a model...
  9. Old 97

    True tales from the Broake & Howe Railroad

    Taking a cue from Tooter, this is where I’ll be telling all the tales from my model railroad known as the Broake & Howe. I’ve long told friends and family that if it happens on my model railroad, then it’s real. "Crumpled" The other day I mentioned of some damage done to my favorite little...
  10. Old 97

    HO Scale Docksider needs a new smokestack!

    Any ideas what I can use to replace the smokestack on my favorite little saddletank engine?? The body mounting screw is recessed into the smokestack and whatever is suggested as a replacement must accommodate this fact. I have a piece of metal tubing that I can use, but it doesn't look to scale...
  11. Old 97

    Has model railroading ever gotten you into trouble?

    It's happened twice to me so far. Both times I was railfanning. Once was with an attractive woman in a secluded trackside area ( Until the POLICE lit up the car with a BRIGHT spotlight! ) and the other day when a railroad cop raced up to where I was standing. He was on the M.O.W. path and...
  12. Old 97

    Hanna Furnace Co. 0-6-0 and a......

    One dollar wooden picture frame make a great item for the train room! Just like Tooter and some other forum members, I love saddle tank steam locomotives. When a forum member posted the picture below, I saved it as a computer desktop background. The other day, I had the notion to print it up...
  13. Old 97

    Strasburg Railroad: Plowing the Line My favorite part is at 1:26. Best comment in audio " You're up against it".
  14. Old 97

    Found a copy of......

    Running a steam locomotive (Volume 1) in VHS at the local thrift store for a dollar! An invaluable item for every steam fan and a must have for their library. The video features a 1930 Alco 0-4-0 steamer with tender. Soooo glad I was able to find this gem of information. Now I know what a...
  15. Old 97

    AHM HO Scale Trains Resource

    Found this website and thought I'd share:
  16. Old 97

    Just like Christmas!

    That's how I felt when I was rummaging around the train room and rediscovered that I have an Alco C415 and a Baldwin VO-1000! Wonder what I'll find next?...... :p :p
  17. Old 97

    Prototype center height

    I was watching a slow moving train the other day and as it meandered by, I noticed the couplers were not matched for center height on two cars. :eek: One was a box car and the other a small covered hopper. It looked like they would uncouple at any moment. Reminded me of how I still have couplers...
  18. Old 97

    Worse case scenario, what would you do.........

    To keep your trains running or model railroading in your life? In light of the fact that money is tight all over and the cost of living is skyrocketting, I'd be willing to give up pretty much anything outside of the basics (Shelter, food, heat, electricity and transportation ). Heck, I'd even...
  19. Old 97

    23 cars on a track that holds 22...... The video is under 5 minutes. Pretty neat to see.
  20. Old 97

    Main characters on your layout......

    Do you folks have any main characters to populate your layout and tell a story? I have a few and they frequently move about the railroad doing different things and getting into mischief from time to time. They have their own vehicles, friends and business/jobs. They've even been known to meet at...

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