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    To the UN-"PC" Crowd-Merry Christmas...

    Eric! IMHO, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is the only way to enjoy rock music and Christmas at the same time. In fact, I've got them going on WMP right now... Matt
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    Comment by 'uspscsx' in media 'The Warbonnet lives!'

    Good job, Kevin! You need to get a BNSF unit for yourself! And a CSX unit. I see those on NS freights every day. Matt
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    My "Leaser" project

    Kevin! Hey, that's fine with me! Do you plan on weathering this? Check out this thread over on MTW. Matt
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    My "Leaser" project

    Kevin! I was wondering where you'd gotten to. Are you using a prototype for this? I looked for a photo of your number or one close to it, and couldn't find one. The lowest-numbered NREX SD50 I found was in the 5060 series. :rolleyes: :) Sorry, I just have a critical eye for prototypical...
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    ? about correct detail parts for Conrail Dash 8

    I e-mailed Wes Reminder about this a while back. He uses PL-155. To me, it looks like that would be correct. Matt
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    Regular Athearn VS. Athearn Genisis

    Are you referring to Athearn's Blue-Box "kits" or Athearn's RTR line? There's a big difference in Athearn BB and Athearn RTR, and a HUGE difference in Athearn BB and Athearn Genesis. There is a difference in new Athearn Genesis and Athearn RTR. There's not as big a difference in Genesis's...
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    Weathering UP's ratty looking locos

    Josh, that was MrKluke that did the Chessie hopper, not Mellow-Mike. Matt
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    Remember me?

    Dave! Ooooooh. It sounds like I mean "So, what about Vandy?:mad:" Actually, my intent was "Yeah, Vandy's tough." Diarrhea of the mouth.:rolleyes: Matt
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    Remember me?

    Yeah, whattabout Vandy? 0-2, but, c'mon...Bama 13-10 and Michigan barely sneaking by them for three quarters...usually they're good...or they're bad...mainly they're bad. Okay, enough sports talk on a train forum. Matt
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    Remember me?

    Ahh, I'm glad someone broke the ice on sports... Florida @ Tennessee...6 days!!! What I'd give to be in Knoxville for that game. Oh well, CBS isn't that bad... Uhh, on topic...that's a nice plan there, Dave. Matt :D
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    Generic Weathering
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    Proto-weathered thread (again)

    Josh and all: I've some to my Photobucket: (Read-only password: CSXT) ...and some to my RRPictureArchives site: Truth is, I have many more. It takes me forever to upload photos, even with cable...
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    Minor weathering test

    Agreed. I was not in any way downplaying your idea, just adding to it.
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    Minor weathering test

    *Resurrection of an old post.* Regarding weathered trucks: That works, but there are great variations in color on trucks. I start with a grimy black base, or flat black from a spray can. Next, I hit it with various "pastes" of AIM powder & various liquids, such as hairspray, water, and rubbing...
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    "NEW" Proto-weathered thread...

    Resurrecting an old, yet useful, thread.
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    Proto-weathered thread (again)

    I can't BELIEVE it's been this long... ...since I've posted in the weathering forum. I'm digging through my files, and will upload items throughout the next week. I will post a Photobucket link to my special section.
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    They're Baaaaaaccckkk.

    Yeah, the new characters are a bit shady. The layout is funky too. It'll take a while to get used to.
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    Weather attempt 1

    Good job. Perhaps add an oily black to the trucks.
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    Weekend Photo Fun 6-30-2006

    Here's one I missed: This is an Athearn GP40-2. It was custom painted, decaled, and weathered. It needs details, and handrails. Modeler unknown.

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