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  1. Empire Builder

    Athearn Hi-F drive

    I recently got ahold of a 1998 guide to Athearn HO model trains, & looking at the F7's in there, I noticed that sme had a "HiF" rubberband drive. How does this work? I've never knew about model trains having a rubberband drive before. Also, in the same list, I noticed that some were maked "Grd"...
  2. Empire Builder

    GEVO's & ACe/DCe's

    Do you think that GE's Evolutions & EMD's SD70ACe/SD70DCe(M-2) will ever be mass produced by an affordable company, such as Athearn? I'm just wondering if they'll ever get produced by a company that will sell them for less than what Tower55 is selling them for.
  3. Empire Builder

    Athearn Amtrak P42

    I seemed to have lost the coupler boxes that go on my Athearn P42, so I was wondering if you could buy replacement coupler boxes for an Athearn Ready-to-roll Amtrak P42, & if so, where? Any help will be welcome!!!
  4. Empire Builder

    Tender Problems

    :confused:I've been haveing problems latly with the tender of my mikido; here's all the info & observations, I know it seems like alot & some of it may be useless information & might not have anything to do with the cause or solution to my problem, but I thought I would just gather as much info...
  5. Empire Builder

    On30 scale

    I'm confused. What exactly is On30? They say it's 1:48 scale (like O scale), but it runs on HO track. Can someone help me on this?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. Empire Builder

    Decal paper

    What brand of decal paper do you guys use for custom decals?
  7. Empire Builder

    MK1200G's, evolution's, & SD70ACe's

    :cool: Does anyone know if there are models of the MK1200G in HO scale? Also, do any companies other than TOWER 55, such as Athearn, Bachman, Walthers, ect..., plan to make models of GE Evolution series locomotives or EMD SD70ACe?
  8. Empire Builder

    Shortline paint poll

    Refering to the original thread here: Which one of the three paint schemes do you prefer?
  9. Empire Builder

    What to paint my locomotive #2

    Hi guys according to the original thread on what to paint my FP45 (original thread), the glacier scheme was winning, but unfortunately, I went to paint my other locomotive, a GP35, in a scheme that also used Glacier green, & when I opened up the bottle of paint, it had huge chunks in it, only...
  10. Empire Builder

    What should I paint my locomotive?

    NOTE: READ THE GREEN, BOLD, ITALICIZED, UNDERLINED WORDS BEFORE VOTING. Hi everybody, as you might already know from a couple of other threads here, I'm starting my own freelanced railroad called "Glacier Railways". One of the two locomotives that I have for it right now is an FP45, & I can't...
  11. Empire Builder

    SD60MACs & MK5000C's

    Who thinks that one of the companys should produce a SD60MAC or MK5000C?
  12. Empire Builder

    Custom painting Q's

    :confused: :confused: :confused: 1.Hi I'm painting a Bachman GP35 locomotive with polly scale paint & I was wondering if I needed to use primer at all?:confused: :confused: 2.with custom made decals ( printed out on my computer's inkjet printer), should I use Micro Set/ Micro sol, or is...
  13. Empire Builder

    Coming soon- Glacier Railways!!!

    Hello everyone!!! I have finally started my own freelanced railroad! It's called Glacier Railways.Its route is through the mountains of Montana (my layout is kind of themed Montana mountains). Its paint schemes are as follows: *Glacier #1- Glacier green on sides, engine black on top...
  14. Empire Builder

    DD40AX question

    Would I be able to run a Bachman Spectrum DD40AX around 22" radius curvs? If not, what radius would be required to run it?
  15. Empire Builder

    Undecorated Dash 8-40CW

    Wass up? I just found a undecorated Dash 8-40CW on eBay, I wouldn't get it if it wasn't so cheep, because I do prefer to have engines already painted, so I don't have to; but since is like the cheepest of the cheep, I'm going to try and get it :p . But if I do get it, what should I paint...
  16. Empire Builder

    Amtrak ''pepsi can'' Dash 8's

    Does anyone know where I can find one of these Amtrak Dash 8-32BHW's in ''Pepsi can'' paint with a black roof ?
  17. Empire Builder

    Find that locomotive!!!!

    This one here is actually a derivative of a game that was posted on Railroad forums by SSW9662. :D Here's the rules: You have to find and post a picture of the described locomotive, passenger car, or freight car. The picture must be of a model railroad, not the prototype. The picture has...
  18. Empire Builder

    How to repair a loose front truck

    URGENT !!! Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying this locomotive off ebay. But I noticed that it said that the front truck was loose. Does anyone know how hard it would be to repair? :confused: And how would you repair it? :confused: Would it be worth while? :confused: Here's a link to...
  19. Empire Builder

    S scale

    What is the scale of "S"? Is it smaller than HO? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused...
  20. Empire Builder

    What type of equipment do you roster?

    Hey guys, I just came up with this one: what type of equipment do you have on your roster ? As for me, Here's my roster: Locomotives -Amtrak F40PH #303 (phase 3 paint) -Amtrak P42 #204 (blue faced paint scheme) -Amtrak FP7A #489 (phase 3 paint) -Montana Rail Link SD45 #378 -Montana...

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