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  1. stationmaster

    Father's Day and Dad

    With Father's Day approaching, I thought it might be a nice gesture for us to offer a few memories of our Dads. Not necessarily train or modeling memories, but a reflection of fun times. My Dad got me into this hobby(bought me my first trains for Christmas in 1959), was supportive of my...
  2. stationmaster

    For the Discerning Modeler......

    ......that has almost everything.. Bob
  3. stationmaster

    If You Are as Crazy ..........

    .....about steam as I am, HOYS is having a "Steam Weekend" this weekend. Bob
  4. stationmaster

    Gorgeous Engine, Runs Great, but............

    I have acquired a Gem 6-8-6 Turbine Engine, PRR #6200. I had traded/sold some other engines with a friend out West and this engine was part of the deal. Anyway, I placed it on the track and although it runs smoothly, but it is noisier than a flock of starlings!!! Lube did not help. A note...
  5. stationmaster

    World's Worst Model train Wrecks...for your comedic perrusal

    We've all been there before. But, this IS funny!! Bob
  6. stationmaster

    A Collection of YouTube Videos

    I have a friend that works in the CP hump yard near Montreal, I believe. He emailed me this link to YouTube. There are 200+ videos, so grab a cup of coffee, well, maybe you had better just set the pot next to you, and enjoy. I haven't watched them all yet, just the first 10 or so. SPECIAL...
  7. stationmaster

    Athearn's New Engine

    Athearn is offering the Veranda Turbine in HO. How many will pre-order? My order is already in. Not a road I model, but sometimes there comes along an engine you have read so much about that you just have to have it. It's probably destined to become a shelf queen, oh, well...
  8. stationmaster

    Has Anyone Ever................

    .......imagined what today would be like if we didn't have fallen flags. Imagine a world where the NKP, the Monon, PRR, NYC, and others still existed. Would the NKP still be known for its tight schedule and fast freights as well as its niche for fast large engines? Would the PRR still use...
  9. stationmaster

    My Next Kit Bashing Project

    I want to use a Mantua Big Six to bash a cab forward engine. I've located the parts, just need another engine, as I hate to destroy the engine I already have. I even have "blow-by-blow" instructions. I've got some pics of an 0-4-0, and could do that one, and I may well do that. But, I think...
  10. stationmaster

    Can It Be Done

    Well, I've been a bit bored lately. Land locked in Indiana with no boat makes me grouchy, ill-tempered, bored, and otherwise socially displeasing. So, in one of my abundant times of laborious thought, I came up with an idea. Always looking for a challenge, it came to me. Just how cheaply, using...
  11. stationmaster

    9 Dead in DC

    Here's a link. Commuter train crash. Bob
  12. stationmaster

    An Old Dog is Learning a New Trick

    OK, guys. I know that jaws will drop when I say I have NEVER redone a decorated car. Never repainted a decorated car. NEVER removed decals from a previously decorated car. NEVER repatched a previously decorated car. I've always purchased cars to be personally done undecorated. So, time for...
  13. stationmaster

    Unique Diesels

    I'm a sucker for the ugly ones. I am wanting to get a few, half dozen or so, butt ugly DL109's, PA's, and BL2's for my layout. I've been looking at the Proto 2000 models. And I've found a few BL2's from AHM. I know that only a few roads purchased the DL109's, and none of the roads I model were...
  14. stationmaster

    Decoder Adaptor Board for Athearn Blue Box

    Is anyone familiar with these? I have quite a few Athearn Blue Box diesels that were my Dad's and I thought this may be an easy way to convrrt them to DCC. Here's a link to one for sale...
  15. stationmaster


    OK guys, I've been in this hobby for a bit. I've never heard of an engine by RSO. looking at a couple online, yes on eBay. Maybe I've been in a cave, but does anyone know anything about them? Bob
  16. stationmaster

    Trolley Crash in Beantown

    Trolleys collide in Boston; 49 people hurt "BOSTON – A trolley rear-ended another trolley that was stopped between two underground stations in downtown Boston on Friday night, injuring about 50 people, and one of the conductors told police he was texting at the time of the crash, officials...
  17. stationmaster

    Athearn Alert

    For those who may be affected, concerns NS Engine paint miscue: Bob
  18. stationmaster

    Free Roster Download

    A few months ago, around August of 2008, I downloaded a free roster program. In cleaning my computer, I GOOFED and deleted it along with the files. I cannot locate the site now. Anyone got any ideas? Unfortunately, it is not in my backup files. Keep the guffaws to a minimum. I had a Dumb***...
  19. stationmaster

    Interurban Cars

    The interurban was very prominent in my old home area. I'd like to integrate a line or two into my layout. Does anyone know of any manufacturer that produced these? Bob
  20. stationmaster

    Hump Yard

    Well, I'm thinking of the ultimate challenge.... a hump yard. Looking for input on how to make this work. I didn't want cars crashing into each other and breaking off couplers. That would add to an already high maintenance load. Has anyone ever done or tried this? Bob

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