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  1. mantua mike

    Your other interests...

    Losing them really stinks after all the time spent to build them.One of my old Guillows mustangs. Not sure why 4 times though.Can't forget the wife on other interests post.
  2. mantua mike

    Your other interests...

    I love those size planes. I was an avid Guillows builder back in the day. I scratch build most of my planes off of borrowed plans or vintage kit plans. I probably have 60 lbs. of balsa wood all shapes and sizes. No foam or factory built planes for me.
  3. mantua mike

    Your other interests...

    Cool thread Tony. I've been quiet lately because it's been R.C. plane season here in N.E Ohio. Just trying to keep my sons interested in something besides girls . Losing by a landslide though. They're all getting to that age, so I am enjoying it while I can. I'm in the middle of a couple of...
  4. mantua mike

    When reality hits home.

    I'm gonna jump in a little late here Tony. I loaded myself up with soooo many projects that my hobby became a chore. I decided to put it down for awhile. I put all my projects in boxes and labeled them with some semblance of order. 2 of my boys are into RC planes and 'tis the season here in N.E...
  5. mantua mike

    QZ's ....

    Possibly oddly I lived very close to the tracks for years. I had trains running all night at regular intervals. About 3 years ago I moved about 3/4's of a mile further from the tracks. I had trouble sleeping until I realized if I opened my bedroom window I could still hear my trains. My woman...
  6. mantua mike

    post war Lionel 2025, No reverse?

    Perfect, Thanks again. I'll keep you posted.
  7. mantua mike

    post war Lionel 2025, No reverse?

    It looks like someone was monkeying with the wiring to it. I don't have a schematic for this or know where to find one. Thanks for your help IH. Mike.
  8. mantua mike

    post war Lionel 2025, No reverse?

    Runs well in forward but has no reverse, any help here?
  9. mantua mike


    Haven't heard much out of JimT lately. Odd. Hope he is ok.
  10. mantua mike

    This may qualify for here...

    It looks like a bunch of 1" carpenters showed up ready to work. Bet they had a heck of a time with those clamps. Maybe they rented a crane. Looking good Tony!
  11. mantua mike

    Looking for Club in NE Ohio

    I live right down the road in Kent.
  12. mantua mike

    Looking for Club in NE Ohio

    Are you from around here cj? My father -in- law has been there. He said it was pretty cool. I think they meet on Tuesdays.
  13. mantua mike

    How did you get started in the hobby?

    I got my first train from our neighbors when I was 5. I remember it being a frustrating mess. I had to set it up and take it down all the time. It was on carpet so I spent more time putting it back on the tracks than running it. Both of my brothers were in wheelchairs so it was in the way...
  14. mantua mike

    Tru Color Airbrush paint...

    If you don't need a gallon of acetone you can find I cheap in the cosmetics section. 100% acetone nail polish remover. They carry it at Dollar General stores here for less than $2.00 a pint. A gallon is probably still cheaper in the long run, but if you don't need that much this works great.
  15. mantua mike

    Help Identifying a Train

    I am no train expert by any stretch outside of my little element. One thing I have noticed while talking to people not in the hobby is apparently everyone who ever had a train set when they were young had a Lionel. I say that with some sarcasm. I think that is probably how they remember it...
  16. mantua mike

    Help Identifying a Train

    No way to tell from the picture. They have the " War Bonnet " Santa Fe paint scheme. Probably doesn't make a ton of difference which number if this is going to be a gift. I doubt he would remember that. I believe Bruette is a better source for Lionel info than I am, But I hope this helps. Mike.
  17. mantua mike

    Help Identifying a Train

    Probably engine numbers.
  18. mantua mike

    Guilford Rail System GP39-2 #368

    Nice weathering, not overdone. I like it.
  19. mantua mike

    With all the talk about air compressors for air brushes I have a question.

    If condensation is giving you problems they have in-line water separators.
  20. mantua mike

    My beginner HO layout, 4 x 6 in my garage

    Looking good. I move my stuff around too. The visual really helps.

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