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    Introducing the N scale Thompson River Canyon Layout

    On Oct. 14, last year, my brother-in-law died. Before he died, he started collecting N scale trains. His plan was to make a layout of his favourite railfan location, the Thompson River Canyon in B.C. Since he died before he could make it, I decided to make a small portable layout of that...
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    Hotel room with a model railroad layout

    Going to Japan any time soon? You might want to stay at a hotel that offers a room with a layout--like the one pictured above. More photos and a link to a video on my blog at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Another guy with a real train in his basement

    Turns out Jason Shron isn't the only guy with a real train in his basement--Dr. Nick Muff of Washington State has an F7 cab and a mock up of a passenger car in his basement and layout room. See more photos, info and links on my blog at...
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    Guy with a real train in his basement

    Jason Shron of Rapido Trains might be the only guy in North America with a real train in his basement. Not a full-size train, but a 20-foot section of a VIA coach. See more photos, info and a link to a video about the train in the basement on my blog at...
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    Layout in a crawl space

    Never say you don't have enough space for a layout. At least, that was true for Dennis Parker of Great Britain--he built his magnificent OO layout in a four-foot crawl space, complete with a trap door entrance from his kitchen floor. See photos and a link to a video on my blog at...
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    Photos of Lyle Beck's Wisconsin & Michigan layout

    I have posted info and photos of Lyle Beck's Lake Michigan Division of the Wisconsin & Michigan on my blog. Lyle's layout was featured in the Jan. 1995 Model Railroader, together with Dave Rickaby's Western Division of the Wisconsin & Michigan (also featured on my blog.) You can find it at...
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    The Canadian like you've never seen it before

    I knew Rapido's The Canadian was a work of art--now it's a work in art. Photographer Jeff Friesen took the set on a cross-Canada tour, taking pictures of it in various provinces and locations. Not only is this The Canadian like you've never seen it before, but also in places you've never seen...
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    Neil Young's Lionel layout in the New York Times

    Neil Young's Lionel layout was featured in a recent issue of the New York Times magazine, and on a blog on the paper's website. I have posted photos and the relevent parts (to us model railroaders) from the longer interviews about his life and music on my blog at...
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    Great Canadian Model Railroad: S Scale Workshop

    The S Scale Workshop is the most recent addition to the Great Canadian Model Railroad series on my blog. The modular layout was designed to show off the fine scale potential of S scale; take a look at the photos and I think you'll agree the club has managed to do that quite well. Find it at...
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    August holiday railfanning on the M & M Sub.

    The first Monday in August is a holiday in most of Canada. It goes by different names in different provinces, and celebrates different things. But, at base, the main reason for the holiday is that our summers are short--we need all the long weekends we can get! The day off was great for a bit...
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    Hiding a hole in the wall: Done

    Earlier I posted about hiding the hole from the layout room into the staging yard. The project is done--the hole is hid. See more photos and follow the process on my blog at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Great Canadian Model Railroad: The Northland Route

    I've posted a new Great Canadian Model Railroad on my blog: Arnold Walker's Northland Route. See photos, and get a link to a video, at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Hiding a hole in the wall

    I'm running a series of posts on my blog about how I'm hiding a hole in the wall between my layout and the room that holds the staging yard. Find it at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Video of the O scale Twin City Model Railroad Museum

    I was in Minneapolis-St. Paul a week ago. I took some photos and shot some video of the fabulous Twin City Model Railroad Museum O scale layout. You can see the photos and get a link to the video from my blog at
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    Photos of Dave Rickaby's Wisconsin & Michigan

    A little while ago I found myself wondering what had happened to Dave Rickaby's great Wisconsin & Michigan Western Division HO scale layout (featured in the January, 1995 Model Railroader). I contacted Dave, and he gave me an update and sent some photos. You can see them on my blog at...
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    Great Canadian layout: The G scale Winter Valley

    I've posted a new addition to my Great Canadian Model Railroad series--this time the Winter Valley Regional Railway, an outdoor and indoor G scale layout. Find it on my blog at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Video of the Aberfoyle Junction

    I've posted a video from the last open house weekend on the Aberfoyle Junction. Find it on my YouTube channel at John Longhurst, Winnipeg
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    Last look at the Aberfoyle Junction

    The Aberfoyle Junction, the great O scale layout near Guelph, Ont., had its last open house May 12-13. The layout, which represents southern Ontario in the 1950s, is going to be taken apart and reassembled in the nearby town of St. Jacobs--a process that could take 18 months to two years...
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    Interview with creators of The Model Railway Show

    In November, last year, Trevor Marshall and Jim Martin broadcast the first episode of the The Model Railway Show. They are now up to the 35th episode of the podcast. I interviewed Trevor and Jim about why they created the show, how they make it, how it fits into the world of model railroad...
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    Doug Tagsold new layout, or Model Railroader curse?

    Model Railroader featured Doug Tagsold's updated Denver, Front Range & Western layout in its April issue. By the time the issue came out the layout was gone, replaced by Doug's new Terminal of Toledo layout. (See above.) Has the Model Railroader curse struck again? More about that, and...

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