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    Comparing track sizes and brands

    I am in the early planning stages for my first HO layout. My current plans will have about 22 turnouts so I'm trying to do my homework on which is best for my limited skills at laying track and model layout goals. The nearest train shop which may have any track is at least 65 miles and my time...
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    Benchwork ideas for 5x8 with a 4x4 attachement.

    Good morning everyone. I'm in the early design stages of a new small HO layout. I'll be doing a 5X8 with a 4x4 attachment. Since this is going in a medium sized extra bedroom that I use for a office, I need to use caster wheels on my bench legs so that I can roll it out out a few feet to access...
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    What might be possible to do in this small space?

    I’ve just about resigned myself that if I am ever going to have any form of a layout that I can work on and enjoy year round is going to have to be a HO scale or smaller. The hard part is, 100% of my sets are O gauge so this move is going to be costly and require a new approach. Not that I have...
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    Facebook like of some Old Bham Alabama photos

    Facebook page with some old Bham Alabama photos I don't have anything to show today, but do have a Facebook page I ran across a few minutes ago featuring some old Alabama photos of barns, grain silos, a few bill boards. etc. Some of you guys replicating this stuff may find some of the old...
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    What's in your toolbox?

    While browsing some member’s photo albums tonight at work during some slack time, I found a few homemade jigs that people have built to use to help build their structures. Being new to this myself, I was wondering if any of you guys would mind snapping a few pictures of your arsenal of tools...
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    How and when do you add fire escapes?

    This is my latest weekend project. Initially I was only planning to paint and weather, and this time around maybe trying my hand at adding some lights. But after looking at several other pictures, I was wondering if it was too late to add some fire escapes to the side wall. Is this something...
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    KT's Ameritown George's 5&10

    I'm about to start my 3rd lil Ameritown kit. The previous two I did not prime. I'm learning now that perhaps I should have before. Now the question is which one to use. I purchased both just to have the stock. I have Polly Scale paint to match the box pictures. Suggestions on which primer? And...
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    Mineral Spirits vs. Paint thinner vs. lacquer thinner.

    Guys I'm 40 years old, and until I started to read these forums I had always considered these three to be the same. Now I'm questioning myself. I recently purchased my first airbrush and while I've been toying around painting junk cars, am finding it difficult to get any repeated results...
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    MTH DCS Test Drive

    I'm about to make my first step toward DCS and I think - at least for the next five minutes that I've made my mind up to start with the MTH controllers. I was hoping maybe someone within an hour or so drive from my residence in Cullman Alabama who has the DCS remote system with AIU, switches...
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    Latest Derailment

    Just ran across this news link from JEMS which I thought some of you may like. Since the article is based on a public safety standpoint, not much is said in terms from a railroading view, but still a good coffee read. Kenny T
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    Where to start with buildings?

    Hello all, Normally each year when I set my Christmas layout up, I'll go through the typical faze of wanting and wishing I had more track, better engines etc. etc. For the past 20 or so years, I've added a single ceramic fire station and label it what ever year it is. Until this year, I...
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    KT's Lionel Christmas set

    Nothing fancy by any means, but here is a short video from a lil point and shoot camera. I recieved some help with the wiring for the simple passing side from this and other forum members - thanks! I can't seem to figure out how to embed, so here it is in a link. I'll call it Mapersville. KT
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    KT's 2010 conventional Lionel set

    I was bored tonight and thought I would snap a few pictures. I left most of the toys off this year compared to 2009, and passed them on to lil T's toy box. Even after adding a second loop and train, I still find myself unsatisfied with the layout. I think it's because I've started to think about...
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    Hello all from Cullman Alabama

    I'm not sure if there is a formal area for introductions and greets, but since looking for scenery information led me to this site, I may as well make mine on this forum. I'm Kenny Taylor 39, and due to the limitations of my living area, I am restricted to a Christmas layout only. Up until...

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