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  1. Iron Horseman

    I'm having some problems with points.

    If you have a 4" space and are using 22" radius, there isn't much space (aka none) to put a passing siding on the curve unless it is on the inside of the curve with a radius of less than 22". Like 18" radius. Is that what you are doing? If so Altas used to make a curved turnout with a...
  2. Iron Horseman

    Steam locomotive identification help!

    Well, It is an "Atlantic" class locomotive. Judging from the chipped paint it is either brass, or cast metal with brass fittings. My guess would be in the straight brass category. Looks old based on the monster headlight and jewel marker lamps. So, might try looking in the "The Brown...
  3. Iron Horseman

    Need help with short yard

    The one curve takes only three sections to make 90 degree curve. So those would have to be 18" radius. The other between the turnouts looks to be a 1/3 18"; a 22"; a 1/2 18"; a 22"; and a 1/3 18". That is a fairly common way to emulate a 20" curve.
  4. Iron Horseman

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    If it has a short how do you know it is running? One side of the rail power is carried in the truck and transferred to the frame of the locomotive on their pivot points. So the trucks and frame are electrically hot. The other side of the power comes up from the trucks on those upside down...
  5. Iron Horseman

    New house, new railroad

    Ah good old John, 15: umm umm 15:5. I totally missed it.
  6. Iron Horseman

    New house, new railroad

    the w(h)ine line? 🙂
  7. Iron Horseman

    New house, new railroad

    Don't let it bog you down. You are using a 4x8 right. Just set up a sheet and try different things. That can be the most fun part, not a bog. I discovered some of the best track plans for me just by piecing them together on a "blank" sheet of plywood. Set up a plan temporarily, run it...
  8. Iron Horseman

    Newbie Question About Atlas Snaptrack

    It is a book that should be on every model railroaders shelf. One will not read it twice, or five times, but will be referring to it thousands of times through the model railroad journey. I wore out a copy. Also the 101 Track Plans Book, Atlas "Custom Line Layouts for HO railroads" or the...
  9. Iron Horseman

    HO steel rail flextrack

    Lifelike used to make steel rail flextrack. Have not seen it new for years. I think they abandon it when they started the power-loc series. So the short answer is probably used on e-bay or at swap meets.
  10. Iron Horseman

    Choosing a DCC System

    That was going to be my comment. I looked at the throttles and choose the one I would want to walk around with for hours holding it in my hand. A throttle that I didn't have to look at every time I wanted to change directions or speed or honk the horn. Originally I rejected NCE because of...
  11. Iron Horseman

    Electrical Short on Lionel Loco.

    Well how cool is that. Some times something falling off is a good thing.
  12. Iron Horseman

    New house, new railroad

    Nothing like going through a treasure box.
  13. Iron Horseman

    Electrical Short on Lionel Loco.

    OK third attempt. The problem is with the truck on the right (front truck). Look a bit closer at the wheels. while there aren't plastic wheels there are insulated bushings the axle sits in. Both those insulated wheels should be on the same side of the truck. I just can't figure out which...
  14. Iron Horseman

    Best (easiest) way to remove Bodyshell Repaint

    So you are not wanting to strip it to the plastic and start again. You just want to strip a top layer of paint to restore an older paint scheme underneath? I don't think that is possible with any reasonable amount of effort.
  15. Iron Horseman

    How to repaint Lionel 4-4-0 or Bachmann HO 4-6-0 to look like a Disney theme park engine?

    I would start with the locomotive that has the best representation of the one you want to model. That one on the 0-gauge site looks so different from the original (other than the new paint job) it almost makes me cringe. Rivarossi made an O-gauge 4-4-0 in the 1960s and 1970s that you can...
  16. Iron Horseman

    1.5 volt smoke.generator

    I am surprised you found a 3 volt generator. Making the kind of heat you need requires lots of energy. Hard enough to make smoke at 12 volts let alone 1.5.
  17. Iron Horseman

    Bachmann EZ track for beginners

    I use it for test loops and temporary things. Works fine, but pricey.
  18. Iron Horseman

    Multiple AR1's needed for proposed DCC layout?

    Well, you actually have four reversing features in this layout with three of them overlapping (see figure 1 below). If one will notice that all three of those share one section of track. So one way to tackle that is to put the reversing section on that shared piece of track. The good thing...
  19. Iron Horseman

    Need help with short yard

    Yes that is what I was suggesting a few posts ago. Add a straight to the outside curve, or subtract a straight from before entering the inside curve to "loosen" the distance between curves, and also exactly what I did on Resneu's plan to expand the distance between rails.

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