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  1. johntealon30

    freewebs / webs ring invite

    I always think anything we can do to raise the profile of the hobby is worthwhile. Ive noticed like myself many modellers use Webs or what was Freewebs to host there websites. Webs has a Group facility that allows similar websites to link to increase their views. I have set up such a...
  2. johntealon30

    Easter Weekend Photo fun 04/10 -- -

    Youve got to be up early to beat Jeffery.. Or live in a different timezone !!!! some inside detials most of the weeks modelling has been making some BIG wagons (LGB) to sell but I did get some of my own stuff done and a new video...
  3. johntealon30

    Christmas Photo fun 14/25/26 DEC

    Not sure how your hols work on that side of the big water but over here Im relaxing after Christmas Eve off looking forward to hols til the new year !!!!!! So if no one minds I thought Id start a Christmas Photo fun rather than wait till next weekend. Im guessing that several people will have...
  4. johntealon30

    Haloween Weekend photofun 31Oct-2Nov

    Update from RJR Branch Lines Having put the camera down long enough to do some modelling, the most noticeable change is a remedy to an oversight I made, how did that tender get behind the shed?? New door added !!! One of their other projects can now also be seen, a pug at the back...
  5. johntealon30

    weekend photofun 24-26 October 08

    This weeks shots for me are in Black and White, Well it is 1961 ! Looking down from the top window of the mill Looking across the yard "I'm terribly sorry sir but its the wotsit thingy that needs replacing" Albert puts his best foot forward, into some unknow yuk ! My...
  6. johntealon30

    Weekend Photo fun 10/11/12 October 2008

    You have to be up early to beat Jeffery to starting the WPF, either that or living in a different Time Zone :D Ive been working in several areas but mainly detailing so no dramatic changes. I built a low loader trailer..... And did some testing And a video...
  7. johntealon30

    weekend photo fun 01/08/08

    Last night after a long and tiring week hanging doors I spent some time "testing trains" Tonight I edited the highlights together.. Here is a flavour of the nights running. John RJR
  8. johntealon30

    Weekend photofun 25 26 27 July 2008

    Its weekend again !!! This week I have repainted my RTR 2-6-0 in more modern colours to suit my era. It was Crimson in LMS livery its now 1960s British Rail Black John RJR
  9. johntealon30

    Weekend Photo fun 11/12/13 July

    A new Store on a disused spur has appeared this week. Looks like the dock workers cycle to work. This guy was making a lot of noise for a blutac seagul Then I realised why, looks like his matehas just become dinner. John RJR
  10. johntealon30

    Weekend photofun 13/14/15 June

    ITS WEEKEND !!!:D John RJR
  11. johntealon30

    weekend photofun 9/10/11 May 08

    I suprised Im first here but never mind... This week I decided the harbour needed some boats so after trying to find a reasonably priced 1:76 fishing boat and failing I decided to have a go scratchbuilding. Step 1 carve a pine hull !!!!!! Add some plasticard And some some...
  12. johntealon30

    weekend photo 4/5/6 April

    Went away for a long weekend last week so hence no pics from me, but Ive just looked through the thread and looks like you all had fun. On to this week, spent a far bit of time designing my new project Im planning a portable layout built under the existing one. The plan is U shaped with...
  13. johntealon30

    Easter Weekend Photo fun 21/22/23/24 March

    Time flies when you are having fun............ Ive just checked the calandar and if my maths is right, March the 20th 2008 is the 6 month aniversary of the shed arriving. Work inside started on the 22nd. To mark the occasion I have had the camera out to make a new video that shows most areas as...
  14. johntealon30

    Week(end) photofun 8/9/10... February

    Put up a fence this week, previously it was just a stone coloured plastic strip waiting for "improvement" John RJR
  15. johntealon30

    Weekend photo Fun 18 19 20 January 2008

    After trying several plans for signals it became obvious i couldnt get the true prototype look partly because of my lack of knowldege partly because the track layout is non prototypical. So a few weeks ago I added some ground signals. now I have a gantry with colour lights. The...
  16. johntealon30

    WeekendPhotoFun Jan 11 12 13

    Okay so I have become addicted to LEDs !!! Latest projects thanks to a visit to my local electronics store, where I purchased 1 3v flashing blue LED and 2 3V bicolour (red/green) LEDs any ideas what is coming next ..... The flashing blue is now in the police car (it was fun trying to get a...
  17. johntealon30

    Weekend Photo fun (first of 2008) 04-06 Jan

    The first WPF for 2008. Ive been making lampost on the cheap. More stripped Christmas tree LEDs some brass tube and a oldering iron. Soldered head In position Painted Painted and on Day Dusk Night John RJR
  18. johntealon30

    Weekend Photofun Dec 7th to Dec 9th

    Its weekend again, thought Id try and tempt some of you over to this thread form last weekends !!!!!:D John
  19. johntealon30

    weekEND photo fun 26 - 27 -28 October

    Early finish from work today so If no one minds Ill start the weekend thread Added more scenery to the viaduct this week. These pics were taken outside, hence the water looks COLD !!! Just cant decide if I need one more tall tree on the front right side ?? Any...
  20. johntealon30

    WEEKEND photofun 14 15 16 September

    Its weekend again, it only seems five minutes since the last photofun ended :) John RJR

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