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  1. grande man

    Sometimes it pays to stand back more than normal...

    Hey Ken! Yeah, I don't get by nearly as often as I'd like. Let's just say work training has kept me very busy since last Summer... As for the video going viral, I had no idea. It was posted about three days ago. I couldn't help but think of the awesome still photos that could have come out of...
  2. grande man

    Sometimes it pays to stand back more than normal... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  3. grande man

    B&O coaling tower still standing in Akron Ohio

    That is a cool structure from days gone by! Cooling towers hold a special appeal because there are so few left and because they remind us of the steam operations they directly supported. Thanks for the pic. There are a few local coaling towers I have intended to photograph for some time. Need...
  4. grande man

    Finally got a Hobby Lobby in town.

    Yep, I love Hobby Lobby for a number of reasons. Good place to shop for fun stuff.
  5. grande man

    Are there going to be more Contests?

    Having run the contest for a couple of years, I finally ran out of ideas. It is a fair amout of work, as someone mentioned. Still, it would be nice if the contests were back.
  6. grande man

    Comment by 'grande man' in media 'CB&Q 45 tonner #9123'

    Nice work CJ. Love the Q!
  7. grande man

    D&RGW Platte Canyon Subdivision

    Thanks for the comments. Haven't worked with the Platte Canyon Sub in ages, need to get the new Canon EOS-M into some of the tighter areas and get a few new shots.
  8. grande man

    Comment by 'grande man' in media 'Watching the shovel at work'

    I'M DIGGING IT! Nice work Bob.
  9. grande man

    Home page photo needed

    Good choice Bob. The site looks great.
  10. grande man

    Home page photo needed

    Thanks CJ. Are you attending the NMRA get together (Vestavia) on the 20th?
  11. grande man


    Beautiful engines!!! Make me want to throw our little layout into the time machine and back up a couple of decades. :)
  12. grande man

    Home page photo needed

    Thanks for the vote. We'll see what Bob has in mind. If "Sedalia Sunrise" trips his trigger, I'll certainly set him up. :) If not, there is certainly no shortage of great photos from the members here. Bob really can't go wrong.
  13. grande man

    Home page photo needed

    Bob, look thru my stuff any see if anything is suitable. If so, I'll be glad to help out.!i=733433862&k=WpLQWDR
  14. grande man

    Tehachapi Loop By (Model) Airplane

    Interesting video. Didn't take long to turn the audio down. :D Can't help but wonder when such activities will be declared "potential terrorist drone actions" and banned in today's wacky world. Until then, maybe more cool vids will be forthcoming.
  15. grande man


    After walking the grade last January, I can vouch that it is an impressive piece of railroad engineering. It is a very cool place. Here's hoping the NS decides to polish the rails of Saluda grade again some day soon. :)
  16. grande man

    have you guys heard of this??

    There are many frustrated folks out there in light of current events. I understand that, but this isn't the place to discuss such topics. That being said, this thread is locked. Let's keep our discussions to model railroading.
  17. grande man

    Lets do it again Favorite photo

    Great photo and modeling Johnny!!!
  18. grande man

    New from Colorado

    Hi Steve, and welcome aboard! We are glad to have you here. I think you'll find this to be a great, friendly place to help you enjoy model railroading to its fullest. Other than a switch to HO, what layout plans do you have in mind?
  19. grande man

    Lets do it again Favorite photo

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos in this thread!!! Here are two favs from our railroad. C&S and D&RGW power on tap at Sedalia, Colo Days end brings with it a spectacular Rocky Mountain sunset. Colorado and Southern F3s helpers run light over frosty rails as they coast down the mountain during...
  20. grande man

    Armed Railway Postal Clerk

    My guess would be that the firearms were issued due to potential for robberies of certain shipments (gold, silver, cash, etc).

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