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  1. krazyloader

    layout design help

    thanks bnsfmodeler
  2. krazyloader

    Weekend Photo Fun

    very nice mtrpls
  3. krazyloader

    This one's for grande man

    nice i like it
  4. krazyloader

    Photofun for the weekend 6-7-8th July

    no more long weekends for me. been off since the 4th. wife had me build a 18ft x 20ft deck. once i was done with that i started the remodel of the bathroom
  5. krazyloader

    A New and Modern KATY Paintscheme.

    lets see the Frisco unit
  6. krazyloader

    A New and Modern KATY Paintscheme.

    very nice. love both of them
  7. krazyloader

    layout design help

    will be HO scale
  8. krazyloader

    layout design help

    I need help designing my layout. I will be building a 20' x 20' building to house the layout and work bench. work bench area need only be big enough to build and work on models. does not need tobe based on a prototype railroad. I have my fictional Spartanburg & Western. the only building i have...
  9. krazyloader

    Concrete color paints?

    sorry for not posting about this sooner. I work for a ready mix concrete company. our concrete is more gray than anything. our 3000 psi concrete is a light gray while our 5000 psi is darker. the more cement less flyash in the concrete the darker it will be.
  10. krazyloader

    QHS 1100 Tour sign up!

    count me in also
  11. krazyloader

    what is your favorite engine

    The CF7. I just love them for some reason
  12. krazyloader

    Foto Fun June 8

    Some new vehicles I got today.
  13. krazyloader

    Foto Fun June 8

    I guess I'll start the weekend. My Spartanburg & Western Railroad in the beginning stages.
  14. krazyloader

    The First of Many

    nice paint job, like the pillows also
  15. krazyloader

    Planning the NEW double decker...

    i was just trying to get an idea for a track plan. i guess i'll just have to rake my brain
  16. krazyloader

    Planning the NEW double decker...

    do you have a more detailed track plan for south west portland cement. I bought the walthers cement plant and I'm looking at modeling a big part of my layout around this model. looking for ideas
  17. krazyloader

    Sharing my photos on a re-visit to CYDZ

    nice and simple operation. how much trackage do they operate.
  18. krazyloader

    Weekend Photo Fun May 18-20 2007

    Spartanburg & Western Railroad SAW cf7 #1500 before repaint and 10 Trinity cement hoppers bought from CHTT.
  19. krazyloader

    CIOR's 5-19-07 Ops video

    sweet video

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