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  1. diburning

    Hate Athearn's Flimsy Handrails?

    But it's prototypical! :D
  2. diburning

    20 Feet.... 15 Feet.... *BANG!* You're Good New EMD GT46C-ACe dropped on delivery
  3. diburning

    Remotoring Athearns

    Has anyone here remotored Athearn RTR locomotives with Kato motors? Does anyone have a list of Athearn RTR locomotives that will accept a drop-in Kato motor without having to mill the frame? If a Kato motor won't fit without milling the frame, do you think this motor, sold by Athearn as...
  4. diburning


    So, I just got a Kato SD40-2 (HO Scale) and it's missing a brake cylinder. I got it used, so there's no receipt and no warranty. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Kato only sells the trucks (and appears to be running out of them soon) for $25, and I just need that one brake...
  5. diburning

    Proto 2000 SD45 Drive Question

    Yesterday, I bought a custom painted Proto 2000 SD45. I know that the P2K SD45 has a 9:1 gear ratio, making it a fast engine. I know that swapping the 2x worm with a 1x worm will make the gear ratio 18:1, but that would make the engine too slow. Ideally, I'd like a ratio of 12:1 or 14:1. I...
  6. diburning

    Brilliant Building!

    Warning, rated R :D I don't think it's a kit, so looks like I'll have to scratchbuild this one!
  7. diburning

    Custom Painting and Detailing Services?

    Does anyone know of any good custom painting and detailing services? I have a few projects in mind, but I'm not confident enough in my modeling abilities to get what I want. Since these are rather expensive models and projects, I want them to be the best. Here's my list of preferences: 1...
  8. diburning

    Ring Engineering EOT Question

    I want an EOT for one of my (modern) cabooses. I was looking at the Ring Engineering EOTs, but they only come on freight trucks. I have a question for anyone who has one and can check... The circuit board appears to be secured by the truck mounting screw onto the truck. Can the board and...
  9. diburning

    1:1 Scale Kitbashing?

  10. diburning

    Intermountain's new SD40-2s

    Oh look what we have here... :D I'm possibly in for 7! (4 NS, 3 Pan Am... I don't know why they chose to do MEC 602. MEC 602 is in an SD40 carbody, not an SD40-2) And if you haven't noticed.... The price isn't prohibitively expensive either.
  11. diburning

    Does Anyone Make These Details?

    I am trying to model this engine (not in this paint scheme, but this older photo shows it better than the more current ones) and it has the odd KCS anticlimber on it. Does anyone make this specific anticlimber as a detail part in HO? If so, what would I need to do to replace the front...
  12. diburning

    Add To Your Collection!

    I bet none of you have these in your collections :D
  13. diburning

    Walthers Trainline Freight Car Fix?

    I bought a car off of eBay that was listed as an Athearn car, but when I got it, it was clearly a Walthers Trainline car. Before I send it back with a scathing complaint, is there a way to replace those truck pins with screws? With the pins removed, it seems that it leaves a large hole that...
  14. diburning

    Need Flat Car Load Suggestions

    I bought two Bachmann Silver Series 50' flat cars and they're too light. I would like to add loads to them so that they will actually run. These are older flat cars with friction bearing trucks so I'd like to put some sort of MoW load on them (with weights) but if that option gets too...
  15. diburning

    Epic Trespassing

    I don't approve of trespassing, but this guy makes it all seem cool. Climbing a bridge and hitchiking on CN NOTE: This one was staged. Train Jumping in Siberia
  16. diburning

    Why Do All the Other Scales Get Cool Stuff?

    I model HO. Despite being the most popular modeling scale and having the largest community, N scale gets more cool stuff (mostly made by Kato), and O Scale.... gets this: Clickety! Why can't we have nice stuff? Also, I am surprised that Atlas was able to secure the licensing for that car.
  17. diburning

    Need Advice on Conductive Lube

    Hello guys, I have a question about lubricants. I need a conductive lubricant for my Bachmann Amfleet cars. The trucks are inboard bearing so they don't roll very well (no one has been able to make a decent inboard bearing truck yet). The wheels sit in slots that are metal at the top...
  18. diburning

    Bachmann Passenger Cars

    I recently bought a few Bachmann passenger cars and I have a few questions for those who own them. I bought a Bachmann Silver Series full dome car. The car has body mounted couplers, but it's a lie. The coupler pockets are hooked up to a lever system that is hooked up to the truck bolster...
  19. diburning

    The mighty 150!

    Here is my model of the Providence and Worcester GE 25-ton switcher #150. Video: I sped up the locomotive a bit near the beginning since I didn't want it to get caught up on switch frogs due to the short wheelbase. It runs like a coffee grinder...
  20. diburning

    Stripped Hole - What Should I Do?

    I bought a used custom built flat car but I wanted to swap out the trucks. The trucks seemed loose in the first place. I unscrewed the truck, and the screw just popped out. The hole in the bolster is way too big for the screw, and I dont have any thicker screws to screw the new truck in...

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