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  1. CMMR

    NCE USB Interface and SB5 Booster

    Hello - my layout uses an NCE Power Cab connected to a UTP bus panel, which is in turn connected to an SB5 booster. I also have a separate programming track that has the original Power Cab power panel connected to it. I purchase an NCE USB computer interface that I connected to the power panel...
  2. CMMR


    I have a few questions regarding consisting that I was hoping the wise folks here on the forum could help me out with. The first regards prototypical consists with say 3 locomotives at the front of the train with the middle and rear unit facing backwards. On the middle and rear units, which...
  3. CMMR

    Cemr sd40 5396

    Just finished a CEMR SD40 that I had been working on for a while. I started with a Kato DC SD40 in Wisconsin Central colors that I stripped and added a bunch of detail parts to. I designed and printed the decals, painted it black and installed 5 LED's and an Econami decoder. Still need to...
  4. CMMR

    Static Grass Applicator

    Now that I am getting around to doing some scenery on my layout I figured I was going to need a static grass applicator. Being cheap I decided to make my own. There are lots of articles and videos out there on how to do it, and they seem to be split between using electronic fly swatters and...
  5. CMMR

    Operating Model Airport

    I know it's not train related, but the modeling and automation is way cool! Especially the Lowriders!
  6. CMMR

    Brawa Container Terminal

    Ever since I saw the Heljan container terminal for the first time I thought it would be a great addition to my layout. Unfortunately, every one for sale that I have come across has gone for stupid money. I thought a good compromise would be the Brawa version. While not as cool as the Heljan, it...
  7. CMMR

    Another CEMR GP9RM

    A while back I built CEMR GP9RM unit 4001 out of a Proto 2000 GP20 chassis, GP9 high hood body & Prototype Model Industries cab. I have a post on the forum showing it here. By chance the shop foreman at CEMR saw the pictures on my web page and asked if he could buy it to display in their...
  8. CMMR

    Pikestuff HO 541-0008 2 Bay Engine House Track Centers

    Can anyone tell me what the track center spacing is on the Pikestuff 541-0008 2 Bay Engine House? Thanks
  9. CMMR

    HO Autorack Unloader

    Does anyone know if there is an HO scale kit of an autorack unloader available similar to this?
  10. CMMR

    Digitrax AR-1 Question

    I just picked up a couple of Digitrax AR-1 auto-reversing modules last night and I have a question. I am using 14AWG wire for my main bus. I was going to use the same for the two reverse loops, as they are each about about 20' long, but when I look at the AR-1, there is no way 14AWG wire is...
  11. CMMR

    Building The CMMR

    Over the winter I finalized the track plan for the CMMR (Central Manitoba Model Railroad). It is designed around a basement bedroom that became available when our youngest daughter moved out. Here is the plan that I designed with help from forum members in Mixy's great FREE software SCARM...
  12. CMMR

    NCE Website

    Does anyone know what happened to NCE's website? I believe it used to be but that domain now appears to be up for grabs. A quick Google comes up with nothing.
  13. CMMR

    Atlas Code 83 Track SolidWorks Files

    I have modeled up some Atlas code 83 track in SolidWorks for anyone who is interested.. I based them on actual pieces of track, but they are intended as guides for layout design only. I do not guarantee accuracy of tie spacing, frogs etc. They include LH & RH #4 & #6 turnouts, as well as...
  14. CMMR

    CMMR Layout Plan

    I decided to get back into the hobby about a year and a half ago when our oldest daughter got married and her room became available. Somehow my plans got changed when my wife decided it would be better as an exercise room instead (I guess she's trying to tell me something!) Now our youngest...
  15. CMMR

    IHC Passenger Cars

    I purchased a set of 8 IHC Via Rail passenger cars a few months ago at a local show/swap meet for $75. They looked to be in good condition, and included two coaches (one with interior), one diner, one baggage, one combine, one observation, one vista and a sleeper. With a few modifications, I...
  16. CMMR

    Cemr gp9rm

    Here are a few pictures of my project for the fall. It is going to be loosely based on the GP9RM's operated by a local short line, the Central Manitoba Railway. It is a combination of a Proto 2000 GP20 chassis with DCC & sound, Proto 2000 GP9 shell and Prototype Model Industries cab. For more...
  17. CMMR

    Cemr sw8

    Here are some pictures of an SW8 that I have been working on. I purchased it on ebay with DCC and sound in SOO colors. It looked pretty cool in SOO colors, but I wanted a yard switcher for my future layout, and I am modelling the CEMR here in Manitoba, so I completely disassembled it...
  18. CMMR

    Trainline GP9M Decoder Install

    Has anyone installed a decoder with sound in a Trainline GP9M? If so, what decoder and speaker did you use, and do you have any pictures of the install? I realize that these aren't high end locomotives, but for those of us on a budget looking for a low hood GP9 I hear they run pretty well on...
  19. CMMR

    First Kitbashing Project

    Here is my first attempt at kitbashing. I wanted to come close to duplicating a Pointe St. Charles caboose used on the CEMR, a short line that I am basing my layout on. I started with an Athearn wide vision caboose that I bought at a swap meet for $2. I fabbed up some parts out of styrene and...
  20. CMMR

    Evergreen Scale Models Website

    Can anyone tell me if Evergreen Scale Models has a new website? When I Google it and go to their homepage I get one of those "buy this domain" sites. Thanks

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