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  1. HOScaledWill

    Thinking of Switching LED brands

    I'm thinking of switching from the Bowerful brand LEDs to these...
  2. HOScaledWill

    Broken HO Crossing Signal :(

    So as I was trying to wire my NJ International 1193 cantilever signals to my newly lit NJI 1172 crossing gates, one of my signals LEDs burned out. One problem, you see that black wire wrapped around the bottom of the signal, that was the Positive wire and unfortunately it came out, it...
  3. HOScaledWill

    Any Busch Crossing Signal Users?

    Hi, I'm sorry to spam, I don't mean to, but if you use Busch HO scale 5934 railroad crossing signals and do more with them than what the manufacturers expect you to do with them, like adding LEDs, please come to this link right here...
  4. HOScaledWill

    Something I'd Like to Try One Day

    One day, I would like to purchase a Bachmann crossing gate set like this one But that's not all, I would also like to light these up, the signals and even the gate arms! I plan to insert LEDs into the crossbuck signals through the holes in the back (I figured that's what the holes were for...
  5. HOScaledWill

    Lighting Up a Bachmann Crossing Gate Signal

    This is no joke Turns out I had a use for the Model Modz LEDs after all, the ones I tried to use on my NJ International HO scale crossing gates! Although the LEDs were too small for them, though they might make good lights for N scale crossing gates, I figured maybe I could use them in my...
  6. HOScaledWill

    What Heat Shrinking Tube Should I Use? And about soldering.

    I was told by @flyboy2610 on this post Bulb and Wiring Help and Advice Wanted PLEASE!!! | that I need to use heat shrinking tubes to insulate my 7219 bulb wire leads but I'm not sure which to get and where to buy. It's this bulb #7219R Red Miniature Bulb Wire Terminal...
  7. HOScaledWill

    Hi, I'm William

    Hi. I've been on this website for the past several months but never took the time to introduce myself! My name is William. I am a 35 year old autistic railfan from Gary, Indiana, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, and a mediocre model railroader. I say "mediocre" because I play with my electric...
  8. HOScaledWill

    Bulb and Wiring Help and Advice Wanted PLEASE!!!

    So last month I bought some mini light bulbs from this place called Jackson Electric Supply, I bought their 7219R red bulbs. And this is what they look like The 7219R is the small bulb on the left, the other one on the right is just a 2162R, just ignore that one...
  9. HOScaledWill

    Crossing Gate Lighting Help Wanted

    Hi, this is my first post on this site. I have been thinking about getting LEDs for my NJ International 1170 and 1172 crossing HO crossing gates Yes those are my NJ International Gates paired with Busch 5934 HO crossing signals mounted on an old Bachmann crossing gate platform (the original...

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