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  1. cv_acr

    Roundhouse cabooses

    Similar to PRR/PC N5B or NH/PC NE-6 class.
  2. cv_acr

    Pulpwood cars being weathered

    Cars specifically built for pulpwood/log service generally won't have wood floors. Some older flatcars that are converted to log cars might have originally had wood floors though,
  3. cv_acr


    This little structure still needs doors, steps, and shingle roofing, but everything you see here is 100% scratchbuilt from styrene sheet and strip, including the windows. There's not a single commercial part here. One a little bit more in-progress and unpainted. The walls are a core of...
  4. cv_acr

    Do Frogs Really Need to be Powered?

    PowrCab: the frog *IS* the "dead section of track" we're talking about here. It's a short, but dead section of track. If the gaps around the frog are far enough apart, both wheels on one side of a 2-axle/4-wheel truck could be on the dead spot. If all wheels are picking up, then the other truck...
  5. cv_acr

    Ballast or open frames

    Yep that works great. You can see that if the bridge was much taller, though, they'd have to either be spaced further apart (at the top) for the towers to have room (at the bottom), or combine them into a single support structure.
  6. cv_acr

    Ballast or open frames

    Or maybe, probably something like this, with heavy steel box girder support members, and a heavy steel support girder beam across the top of the tower to support the actual bridge girders: You'd probably want to use beefier components than the ME viaduct kit though for the tower structure.
  7. cv_acr

    Ballast or open frames

    The trestle towers in that kit are designed for a single track bridge. It would be a very extensive rework (basically scratchbuilding with some potential use of kit components for the box girder bracing). I heavily kitbashed these short towers from one of these kits (unpainted here, so you...
  8. cv_acr

    More Questions About the Prototype

    If it's (remotely) controlled by the dispatcher, and not manual/local, then yes, the dispatcher's machine will show him that the block in the controlled location is still occupied or not. Then the dispatcher will line the switch and give the train a signal back. If it's not remotely controlled...
  9. cv_acr

    More Questions About the Prototype

    Yeah, like Dave says above "Springfield local" isn't necessarily a formal name, it's just descriptive of "the local train that works Springfield". Operationally, the train's number/symbol will be used.
  10. cv_acr

    Ballast or open frames

    Gonna kind of disagree here. If you have double track and you need a double track bridge, well, you need a double track bridge. You can single-track the bridge to reduce engineering and cost, but then you have a bottleneck in otherwise double track territory (and this does happen realistically...
  11. cv_acr

    Cab Roof Beacon Question

    Some engines back in the ~1980s or so had a single rotary beacon up on the cab roof for visibility. Those beacons generally went away over time. Some Amtrak F40PH units also got pairs of strobes above the cab. Remote control units tend to have beacons all over - both sides of the cab, and as...
  12. cv_acr

    Pulpwood cars being weathered

    A bit more dark grime/weathering will always knock that colour back to "indeterminate with a tint of green"... Somewhere around "not sure if green weathered to black or black faded to green". Log yard looks great.
  13. cv_acr

    Pulpwood cars being weathered

    I have a LOT of that to do... pulpwood is one of the major commodities on my railroad!
  14. cv_acr

    Pulpwood cars being weathered

    Well that shifted the colour tone quite nicely.
  15. cv_acr

    Pulpwood cars being weathered

    IMO, of the two cars in the first photo, the 38026 stakes colour looks more dusty than rusty. The 38035 looks like nice, old rust. Side note, and this is a Walthers error, not yours, but the Procor flatcars were actually a very dark green, not black, although with a few years' worth of...
  16. cv_acr

    Colors for a model railroad

    99% of steam engines were painted black. You might paint coloured stripes on the sides of running boards or other trimwork, and some RR's would paint coloured panels on the sides of the tenders. Canadian Pacific's most modern steam engines had maroon running board skirts and a large maroon...
  17. cv_acr

    Three Conrail boxcars coming right up...

    There's Conrail stuff out there. Painting and decalling inexpensive cars might be something he enjoys to do as part of the hobby. Also keep in mind Conrail was only created in 1976, so it's only 10 years old at your time frame, and you can still run a lot of predecessor road rolling stock...
  18. cv_acr

    Tortise switch Machines and signals

    Not likely. The signal isn't going to be wired like that with the LEDs in opposite directions. When you've seen circuits like that, it's for wiring a SINGLE bi-polar bi-colour red/green LED, which will light red if power flows one way, or green in the other. A signal with separate coloured...
  19. cv_acr

    Looking for 4 axle power w/ ditch lights

    Nor do Canadian roads, FWIW.
  20. cv_acr

    Running locomotives from different railroads

    It's already prototypical for KCS engines to show up on both CP and CN on occasion due to all the run-through and horsepower-hour repayment type situations that happen out there. But once the merger is complete, it will definitely be a lot *more* common to see KCS widespread on CP and CP...

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