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    Tree size - ho scale

    The fir beside the trestle here is a real 12" tall. Otherwise, I place trees of all sizes on my HO layout, from 1" up to 8" conifers and deciduous trees.
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    Wiring Auto Reverse Module

    I assume your input power to the AR is at upper left, getting its power from the tracks. That's 'small o' okay. Most would power the AR directly off of the controller as rails, and especially their joiners, don't do a hot job of transmitting power reliably. It's always a best practice to...
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    Steam 🚂 won't go into reverse

    The switch that allows the reverse is probably defective. I doubt that both models have coincidentally become unable to reverse.
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    What Track Cleaning Car do you Think is the Best....?

    A good way to finish rails after treatment with a Bright Boy or find grit, and even when they're brand spankin' new (the tooling that extrudes the rails leaves grooves as well), is to run a clean 1.5" or larger steel washer back and forth over the bearing surface. That's part of the famous...
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    Turntable and associated stuff wisdom please.

    It depends on which roundhouse. I believe the Walthers Cornerstone roundhouse is a good mate for their 90' model, but I don't know about the 130'. The best thing to do is to look at the site where the information is published about the roundhouse's footprint, and go from there. Generally, the...
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    What Track Cleaning Car do you Think is the Best....?

    This discussion comes up about once a quarter, but, here goes: a. metal wheelsets do a great job between cleanings; b. when you do have to clean, and you know why, it's best to use a non-polar fluid. High on a list published on modelrailroadhobbyist site four years ago are, in order...
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    Athearn steam locomotive tender bar

    Athearn/Horizon Hobbies should be able to help. If not, I suggest visiting a local hobby shop and purchasing a sheet of 2.5-3mm styrene, and fashion your own.
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    ballast setter

    At the very least, after a careful application using this device, you'd want to remove most/all of the grains from the tops of the ties. That can be accomplished by tapping on the rails lightly, tap-tap-tap, all along the ballast freshly laid. I haven't seen this device used, and would never...
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    Foam Maybe?

    It might be useful as plain roadbed, say between the sub-roadbed, such as splines or lengths of thin pine, and the ties. Sometimes trains get noisier than we'd like when they move, especially at passenger speeds. I prefer my rails mostly silent and enjoy the other train sounds, the clickety...
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    Minimum HO Curve Radius

    Follow these steps, in order, to fashion any curve radius with HO flex track, except below about 16" radius is becomes very difficult: a. Take your lengths, with one length's sliding rail slid further back into itself. Withdraw the sliding rail at least six full ties. Curve that length until it...
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    On to Track Laying

    Probably a bad idea....and I'd bet you'd really regret this application once you decided you don't like the track plan there, or the whole thing at all, or you find that the super-elevation you generated doesn't work well, or that your trains derail along that curve because it's too high, or...
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    Need help on switch stand placement.

    Sure it would, if the need was there for it to be operated remotely. Railroads have used remote actuators for donkey's years. As you can see, though, this turnout hasn't been operational for some time, I'm guessing at least ten years, but probably 25 or more. It would most likely have had a...
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    Pennsylvania 4-6-2 Pacific number When the site opens, look for 'wheel type' which goes by Whyte notation. Look for 6 coupled, then 4-6-2 or Pacific, and then find the P section for Pennsylvania, etc, until you find the listings of the various purchases of the K Class of steam locomotives.
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    Need help on switch stand placement.

    Before the pavement was laid, it would have been near the pavement's edge. If they were to resurrect that turnout, it would be operated remotely from the other side of the far track, with headblocks under both tracks and a throwing rod running under both. If manually, the switch stand would be...
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    Benchwork mistake need help

    To keep things simple, build one or two access holes and cover them with a piece of foam or plywood with scenery on top. Fiddling with your benchwork will be more complicated, and as the others suggest, once this is constructed, it's not designed to be shoved around. You don't want to shove...
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    Acquired A TON of Custom Trains at an Estate Sale

    Pictures would indeed help, but as you suspect, the custom paint jobs may all but eliminate the typical prospective customer. While some are looking for specificity in the hobby, most, about 80%, would rather look for a decent runner that's a bargain than to pay up for customized items that...
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    Hand laid turnouts or store bought - a discussion

    You needn't go to much effort for clearing the least, I haven't, and nor do most who spend time on the forums I frequent. The idea is to glue or nail down the tracks in the orientation you want, directly to the roadbed, and to run trains for a while to see how things work...
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    Powered Diamond Frogs ?

    With PCB ties scored in the right places, it would be very simple to power diamonds if they are hand built. Same thing as powering a frog for a turnout, but in the case of the diamond you could simply gap the corners/frogs, score the copper cladding clear below the gaps, and power them the same...
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    Hand laid turnouts or store bought - a discussion

    Thanks! I think you're kind to say so. :) Standing 400 scale feet above the rails, as we operators do when playing with our trains, it's hard to notice the differences, but when you get that camera down to ground level, all sorts of iffy things begin to show up. I used to spend almost 20...
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    Hand laid turnouts or store bought - a discussion

    Hand laid when you go to close a complicated loop that differs slightly from what was planned. I have twice built custom two-way turnouts to get the geometry and needed minimum radius, and they worked beautifully. And reliably. Unfortunately, I never did get to the point, so far, where I...

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