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    Healing Garden Railroad

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    Donated Locomotives to Watson Train Station.

    These where all donated to the Watson Train Station in Missouri Valley, Iowa. The wall plack. Brass Locomotives. Steam Locomotives. Diesel Locomotives. That's all.
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    Athearn BB Trains.

    There was a question posted on Facebook. The question was..... For everyone who wants to talk Blue Box, we started a Discussion thread so feel free to jump in. We're headed out to catch a plane - though we'd much rather catch a westbound train. We'll see you on Monday!
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    2010 UP Steam Trips.
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    Athearn anounces the first orders of the SD70ACe.

    BNSF,UP,KCS,UP 1982 in HO Scale.
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    UP Museum hosts model trains.

    UP Museum hosts model trains.
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    BNSF 3606 SW1000 Switcher.

    Hi everyone. I stopped by the hobby store in Omaha on 8106 Maple Street and bought me an HO Scale BNSF 3606 SW1000 Switcher Locomotive. Here you go. Oh BTW. This is an Athearn Ready to Roll Unit. I love this Engine. Later Modelers.
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    “intellectual property”.

    BNSF to become another UP.
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    Wizards in Winter - Model Trains Edition.

    Wow. You Guys and Gals have got to see this You Tube Video. AWESOME!
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    Athearn vs. Bachmann.

    This morning I took my two Models outside and Photographed them together. compare the two. The BN 7849 is on the right and the BNSF 6821 is on the left.
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    Bn 7849 Sd40-2.

    Hi everyone. I finally got around and Photographed my new HO Scale BN SD40-2 Locomotive today. This is the one that I got from historic Rail dot com that I was getting very angry with them for such a long wait just to receive from them. But anyways. This is my new Bachmann BN SD40-2. I Love it...
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    Locomotive Display Cases.

    Hi everyone. I need to buy a few Display cases for my some of my Locomotives at home. I surely won't go through Historic Rail for them. Can someone send me a few links so that I can order some? Thanks.
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    Historic Rail 100% SUCKS!

    Hi everyone. WARNING! Don't ever shop for Model Trains at I have waited for over two weeks for my HO Scale Locomotive from them. I just called them this afternoon and they told that my order is still on back order. This is total Bull crap. I should have shopped some...
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    Historic Rail.

    Hi everyone. I ordered an HO Scale BN SD40-2 Locomotive from Historic Rail last week. And I called them yesterday just to see if they got in my order and the told me that my Locomotive is currently on back order. This happens to me all the time. Does this happen to some of you Guys? I think...
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    Santa Fe 3500.

    Hi everyone. Today I went down to Hobby town in Omaha and bought me a New Bachmann HO Scale Santa Fe GP40 Locomotive. AT&SF 3500. Here are two photos of my new Engine. This is my first time ever owning one of these units. Blue Bonnet.
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    HO Scale BN B30-7 Locomotive.

    Hi Everyone. Yesterday I stopped by Hobby Town in NW Omaha and bought me an HO Scale Bachmann Locomotive,BN 5491. It's a B30-7. A step down from the C30-7's. If I am correct,I think that the HP is 3,000HP. Here are some photos of my new unit. If I had a Layout. This unit would make a Great...
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    Bridge culverts.

    Hi Modelers. Last week I found an old Railroad culvert here on the ex-Omaha line here in Blair. I know their are thousands of culverts out their. But I just though I would be nice to post three photos for you guys if you want to Model one some day. This Railroad culvert was built back in 1914...
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    New Athearn HO models coming.

    Athearn is gonna release some new SD70MAC's in HO Railroad models next year. The roads will be the rerun of the BNSF 9647. Also three new BNSF models will have the BNSF 'New Image' logo on the cab. These are the new roads. Alaska,BNSF & CSXT...
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    Model Train prices going way up.

    Does anyone know why prices of HO Model Trains are going so high? Allan.
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    BN SD70MAC Photo's.

    Im looking for lots of Photo's of BN SD70MAC's in any Scale,mostly in Model scale. Are there any sites than contain BN's Evecutive Scheme? I just love the BN Evecutive Scheme. Thanks,Allan.

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