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    Phishing or SPAM junk mail alert (Legit but annoying)

    Perhaps it isn't bogus, but I received about 12 of them in a row suggesting a photo of mine (gave the title) was moved to a more appropriate gallery and to view it 'here' with a hyperlink. This email purports to come from I hope I help someone to avoid it...
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    Wolfang (WT fan) Dudler has passed on

    I recall him letting us know over on trainboard maybe eight months ago that he had developed a very serious illness. I contacted him right away to express my concern and to offer him my good wishes. He seemed resigned to his early passing, as I understood his words, and stated that he wouldn't...
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    Walthers Code 83 30 degree crossing?

    Anyone know if the Walthers Code 83 30 degree crossing, the one with the blackened frogs, needs to be gapped? I have tested the tracks leading to a Peco insulfrog Code 83 $6 turnout, gapped just beyond the frog for both routes, and I have soldered curved lengths that meet at the crossing, and...
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    WPF for 04 Nov - 10 Nov 2011

    Yard Switcher on the Move
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    Weekly Fotos Fun, 03-11 Dec, 2010

    Going home for Christmas! :D
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    WPF 22 Oct - 01 Nov 2010

    Post 'em if ya got 'em. :D
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    Did we get spammed?

    Some of the 'last post' headings suggest a clothing supply place got through, but I don't see them. Just curious. -Crandell
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    WPF for Sep 17 - Sep 23, 2010

    We seem to have missed our usual mid-day start to this thread. A PRR Q2 is diverging onto a mine spur to Sentinel Coal.
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    WPF for July 30 - Aug 03 2010's time agin....
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    Photo Fun for the week 21 - 28 May 2010

    Dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. :p -Crandell
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    Weekly Photo Fun 30 Apr-04 May '10

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    Ditch light replacements - Genesis SD75M

    Hi, fellas. I have two Genesis SD75M's, but from different issues. My fixit guy says one of my ditch light bulbs is burned out and needs replacing. (Trust me, I am not one for fiddling with tiny things...we just don't get along well together, and he loves to fiddle with toy trains.) This...
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    WPF for 19-26 March 2010

    Hi, fellas...I'm back after an extended absence. Long story, but I recall pitching decks, waves, the Darwin Channel, penguins on Magdallena Island, circum-navigating Horn Island, walking through the marvellous cities of Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. Weird, but I am awake and...
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    Photo Contest Questions

    First, are the two contests currently 'in session' extended, or will they be closed off soon and voting started? Secondly, we are a full week into February with no announcement yet of the theme. Just wondering what's up. -Crandell
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    Weekly Photo Fun 29 Jan - 04 Feb 2010

    I guess I'll start us off. A Union Pacific heavy freight makes its way up the spur to the Sentinel Mine. [HO scale, Broadway Limited Hybrid UP TTT-6 2-10-2] -Crandell
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    WPF for 27 November to o3 December

    I dont' see it yet, so if falls to me to kick it into gear. A N&W excursion in the highlands near Seneca Falls.
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    WPF for 16 - 23 October

    I guess someone has to start it off....:cool: -Crandell
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    BLI going toe-to-toe with MTH! Oh, yeah!

    Well, in case you haven't seen or heard, BLI has officially announced that it will produce and deliver by 2010 a new, all scratched, and better version of the UP 9000 series 4-12-2! At least, it seems that it will be improved over MTH in a few ways, although the 22" radius still seems to be...
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    Spectrum and Tsunami don't see eye-to-eye

    I have a Tsunami heavy steam installed in a Spectrum J Class 4-8-4. I have left the engine to run around my layout for a couple of hours now while I do other things hoping to break it in. From a dead stop, when I dial in speed steps between 1 and about 20, the engine takes off without any...
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    I made some switch stands

    I have no switch stands, as my yard images clearly show. I had sprung for some Caboose ground throws many moons ago, and decided, once the first was erected, that it was far too large to be on the layout. Dang. I was pondering this afternoon, while building a Kanamodel CPR style water...

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