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    Hi David, it's been forever sisce I have had time to work on my train layout. but summer is...

    Hi David, it's been forever sisce I have had time to work on my train layout. but summer is over and I have about 5 months to pick up the slack carry told me you ask about me I apologize for not keeping up with you for so long. how have things been going out there ? let me know whats new...
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    cattle car wheathering help.

    that box car is outstanding !! do you use a air brush or wheathering powders?
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    cattle car wheathering help.

    thanks zoegraf, those are some great looking cattle cars, a freind of mine suggested that since they hace that much detail why not stick a little dung in the car for the smell effect !! maybe not shawn
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    Whoa Nelly!

    I was just able to purchase a spectrum ho shay for 129.00 thats about the price was when it hit the market in 2000 it is also dcc ready. I guess there pushing the sunami sound that one is 425.00 I can add it for 85.00 and have the same engine with sound for 230.00 after shipping this is...
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    Tunnel cover

    Ed those pics are fantastic, I am just now learning to model buildings, yours are an inspiration, keep up the good work !! p.s. love the turntable.
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    Tunnel cover

    thanks ed & jon my computer skills are lacking but getting better with your guys help thanks again.
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    Tunnel cover

    Hi jon I am new to these forums, not sure how to post a link, but if you just click on my name shawn63, tunnel rat, then hit personal profile the pics are in my album , still learning how yo do all this computer stuff. If that dosent get you there I have about 15 pics on my face book page...
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    Tunnel cover

    I to know mr. Murphy quite well. I have several short tunnels that lead to other scenes some are only a foot long but come ou on the other side of the layout giving the impression that they have quite a bit of length I have an example on my home page album if you want to look this tunnel is...
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    DCC decoder heil for spectrum shay

    Oh , forgot to say thanks Rico, I think I got a handel on it thanks everyone this place is the best when you need help !!!
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    DCC decoder heil for spectrum shay

    oups, !! phone rang, dog ran out the door left my train running , left something on the stove, forgot what the heck i was doing. thanks lost in space, shawn
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    dcc help spectrum shay which decoder

    thanks gary, I just got an e-mail from modelrailroadstuff and thats the one they suggested. p.s. I might look you up again when I go to installing kind of new to dcc thanks again for the help !!!
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    dcc help spectrum shay which decoder

    I am buying the spectrum ho shay and need to know which decoder to go with it I have an nce dcc system the other engine I have has a digitrax decoder and it works great can someone suggest what to get PS I called modeltrainstuff but the stock # dosent match up to their site and bachman...
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    DCC decoder heil for spectrum shay

    I am buying a bachman spectrum shay and I have a nce dcc system could someone suggest the best decoder to fit it. I have a digitrax decoder in the engine I have now and it works great what kind sould I get for the shay P>S> I called bachman but they seemed confused about the stock # and I...
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    Finally!! Progress!! ...Well, sort of...

    I like it nothing like that entire room to build a layout , or most of it . once construction starts it's amazing how small the room gets!! keep up the good work shawn (tunnel rat)
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    track cleaning

    has enyone ever tried lps-1 it's supposed to be a super conductive electrical greese that keeps the track clean or at least keep electricity flowing even when the track get dirty
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    Best Hobby Shops on the Web

    I ordered my NCE dcc fron them along with some microenginering track . I got the order ok but it took over 3 weeks to ship !!
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    track cleaning

    I used rail zip on the entire layout applying with a Q-tip then about 4-weeks later sarted dropping a single small drop of walls clipper oil about every six feet and then run the trains around for about an hour. ( ido run my trains everyday for at least a couple of laps approx.150 feet of...
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    Scenes from a narrow shelf layout continued:

    great pics, I like the way the trees break up the scene. nice work !
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    thanks ouadk, how can I access your photos ? I see the photos at the community site but how do I...

    thanks ouadk, how can I access your photos ? I see the photos at the community site but how do I get to the photos on someones site ? does this make sense I dont see any albums on anybodys site

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