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    BLI Sideframe ?s

    In my other thread, rex pointed out cleaning the pickups to make sure all is clean, but I cant get the sideframes off the trucks - I dont want to just go prying around and break something, so I figured that somebody here would be able to tell me how they come off Thanks for the the help!
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    Cleaning Wheels

    After sitting all summer..all my locos need a good wheel cleaning, they are pretty nasty. How does everybody accomplish this?/ Sit with the lil eraser and clean a part of the wheel..turn it...repeat for however many axles..Or is there a better way?? Ive found things like the Driver...
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    Yard Trucks

    Since Im building a intermodal yard on the newest expanse of my layout.. Im needing a couple Yard Trucks. Years ago (and I do mean YEARS) Walthers offered two different versions. Ive done a bit of looking and havent run across any current makers of em. Heres what I'm talking about We've...
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    Antique Help!

    I ran across this engine in an old box of train stuff that was packed away many years ago (10+) I'm pretty sure that it is older than myself. Its got a athearn like setup on the motor, however instead of a gearbox, it originally had two rubber bands. between the end of the motor and the...
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    Help with Helix

    hi all!! Im finally adding the other half to my shelf layout so now it'll be a U shape instead of an L. I want to add staging on a second level underneath. Its a 9 foot run straight on so using a simple inline wont work. To drop the 8-10" it'd be like a 5 or 6 percent grade. I'm thinking...
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    Athearn Sound

    While I'm waiting for FDT to release their trackmobile .... Im looking for a switcher to use on my switching layout. Ive been looking for a MP15DC but only seem to find AC versions.. Anyhow, Athearn offers a decent looking version. Its DCC and Sound Equipped. I'm curious how the sound is, if its...
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    Painting/Weathering Brick

    Well my Walthers order finally arrived (incorrect I might ad - we'll see how correct the problem) So now ive got 10 or So buildings to paint.. How does everybody do their brick..both paint and weathering. Lookin for some good idea's to try out on all these bldgs of mine..
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    A Few Questions

    Hey everybody! I've been steadily working on my shelf layout, picking out, researching, naming, etc all the different industries. The industries that are at the front of the layout, I'd REALLY like to super detail. You know, full interior, lights, people, etc etc, and this is leading me...
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    Intermodal Modeling

    I'm kinda curious who else has, a intermodal yard on their layouts? I would love to see some pictures, and see some suggestions for operation? Containers and trailers are a huge part of railroads today, and have been for quite awhile.. Thanks!
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    How I spent my thursday

    Since I'm on vacation all week, I thought Id take some time and spend at the NS Danville Ky Yard. I rembered the camera, forgot the radio scanner, but still had a good day and got some cool photos. Heres All the pictures I have uploaded so far...
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    NCE powercab

    I'm looking at picking up a NCE Powercab for my DCC system, and I'm curious if any of ya'll are using it, or have used it? and what your thoughts were?!?! :confused:
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    Wiring for DCC

    Hey Gang, Im going to run DCC on this little layout of mine.. I dont have the $$ for the NCE setup yet, but Im doing the trackwork now and would like to get it finished. How do I need to wire the track for DCC? The same as regular DC thw two wires one to each rail? Its all new Atlas custom...
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    Construction begins!

    Well after much waiting, reading, dreaming, wishing, I finally bit the bullet and bought enough track and materials to get started on my HO scale Shelf style Layout. Its 1x4 construction with 3/4 foam under the track, I'll be doin the scenery this comin week I hope. I did snap some pics for ya
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    Flex Track

    So Ive got a bunch of track ordered. Rather than peice it together using Sectional, I bought flex track. Ive never actually used this stuff before. Im sure somebody has to have some pointers? Actually a proper how to would be nice.
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    89' Autoracks

    I dont have any yet.. Im curious what radius curves these like and dont like?? I know wider is better but not always an option, im tryin to keep my curves to 18-20" radii and Dont want to have any problems with these. Any Input is Appreciated!
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    Double Decker ?'s

    Ive been able to aquire more room recently, and work has slowed down a bit. So heres whats rolling around in my half empty head, I want to run a double shelf style layout around the walls, 9x9.5. Im going to have the tracks that run up against the walls handle the transition between the top...
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    Job Consideration?

    I'm probably posting this in the wrong forum (ya'll are certified train nuts...) but I came across a job offer from Norfolk Southern RR as a Conductor.. The training period is a paycut, but afterwards would be a slight raise over my current salary. Union dues and such would eat up the...
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    A recent article in MR got me to thinkin about a work area and i thought this might turn into a interesting topic! Lets see some photos of your workbench, work area, etc etc etc you get the idea. I'll post mine after I get it setup over this week..
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    Overasked Question

    I'm sure this has been asked 100 times before... but :D The last time I had a layout setup, DCC wasnt around.. So Ive got some Athearn Loco's from the Early 90's that Id like to be able to use on my upcoming DCC switching layout. These are the old athearn units with the flimsy flat metal...
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    Smile for the day

    The Donkey & The Raffle A city boy, Kenny, moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100.00. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. The next day the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry son, but I have some bad news, the donkey died." Kenny...

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