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    Need help/Input on layout plan

    Hello, Planning a layout, i have been using Atlas RTS design software. Attached is a rough idea ive come up with. Anybody have any suggestions, additions, subtractions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    ALCO models

    I am looking at an ALCO models ALCo S6 switcher much needed for a project. I was going to bash an S6, but found this brass model on ebay. The question is how do the ALCO models run? It looks to have a drive line going from one truck to the other. Would there be a way to put the brass shell on an...
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    GP18 vs. GP20

    any big visual differences in the looks of a GP18 vs. a GP20 needing a GP18 for a possible project but will settle with a GP20 if looks are the same. i know the 18 is non turbo as the 20 is turboed.
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    Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder

    Picked up a Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoder from my LHS, I have never heard or used a Tsunami decoder, just wondering about the good the bad and the ugly of the decoder if any? Thank you for the input!
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    Athearn Genesis

    would like to hear some comments good or bad on the Athearn Genesis UP 4-8-4 and the UP 4-6-6-4. i am in the market to buy one or the other and would just like to know how the sound is and how well they perform. thanx in advance.
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    Brass Locomotive

    I have a brass southern pacific daylight locomotive that i bought a whle back and it does not run.....need advice on a remotor project.....its an old balboa model from my guess around the 70's or 80's any help or tips will be helpfull as i know nothing about remotoring! Thank you in advance.
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    Berkshire Junction crossing signals

    has anybody on here ever use or seen the operation of berkshire junction crossing signals. they sell a package of two crossbuck flashers and a detection cuircuit with iether infa red or photo cell. I'm more or less wondering which is better, infared or photo cell. if you wanna take a look its...
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    Layout Design

    Hey All, a buddy and me are wanting to build am HO scale railroad based in the late 30's early 40's between us we have two 2-8-2's two 0-8-0's and an 0-6-0, so naturally it would be for 40' freight cars and wanting to creat a typical "short line of the steam era" but enough to have the two...

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