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  1. bob

    CP Holiday Train Music Video

    Music video featuring the CP Holiday Train. Not sure when this was shot, but it's from a previous year as they didn't run this season.
  2. bob

    What starting page do you use the most?

    I'm curious to see how folks browse the forum. Do any of you use the "Featured" page: Do you use the "Home/Forums (They're the same)" page: Do you simply use "What's New" and ignore both...
  3. bob

    Walthers, Inc. has purchased Chooch Enterprises

    Walthers Press Release Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is proud to announce that we have purchased Chooch Enterprises and that Chooch is now a member of the Walthers family of products! The product line has found a great home with Walthers; as a significant distributor of the Chooch line...
  4. bob

    New Tools Forum

    By popular request, a place to talk about model railroad tools, which means pretty much all tools when you get right down to it. Sometimes it's a simple and cheap razor saw to cut rails. Other guys have a full machine shop so they can build their own live steam locomotive. While most of us...
  5. bob

    Maybrook Line HO Scale model railroad including the Poughkeepsie Bridge

    davidmagill1 Heres a video of My HO Scale New Haven Maybrook Line a short trip following a westbound from New Haven to Maybrook, and following one back to Cedar Hill with a short trip on the Berkshire Line and Smith Street yard in Poughkeepsie..and the star of the layout the...
  6. bob

    Dan Lang's Boston & Maine HO Model Railroad Tour

    Dan Lang's Boston & Maine HO Model Railroad Tour NSmodeler24 I had the opportunity to visit Dan Lang's large HO scale B&M layout. Dan has done a fantastic job on the layout, set in the mid-1990s in New England.
  7. bob

    MTH HO Big Boy Arriving In January With Smoking Whistle

    HO Big Boy Arriving In January With Smoking Whistle December 18, 2019 - M.T.H. Electric Trains will be releasing the Union Pacific HO Big Boys, including No. 4014 next month. All locomotives will include our first-ever HO steaming quillable whistle feature as...
  8. bob

    MTH HO Spirit of Union Pacific Now In Stock

    HO Spirit of Union Pacific Now In Stock January 29, 2020 - M.T.H. Electric Trains has released the Union Pacific HO Spirit of Union Pacific SD70ACe diesel. The locomotives are available in limited quantities at your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer or...
  9. bob

    MTH HO GS-4 Northern With Smoking Whistle Ships

    HO GS-4 Northern With Smoking Whistle Ships FEbruary 26, 2020 - The M.T.H. GS-4 Northern with our qall-new steaming quillable whistle in HO scale has arrived and is now shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailers. One of many features of the onboard Proto-Sound 3.0 Digital Sound and Command Control...
  10. bob

    Etobicoke Central Railway

    Etobicoke Central Railways For the first time, Etobicoke Central Railways opens it's doors and tours the layout in full, highlighting the new expansion and track plans using the AnyRail software. A real nice example of what you can do with a small modular layout.
  11. bob

    Sparky's Garage

    Bruette posted info on a bunch of new Lionel HO stuff and this one definitely caught my eye! What a great building. Apparently you can buy it pre-assembled or a kit. I'm imagining what a great starting point the kit would be for a super detailed structure. Look at all the glass! You could build...
  12. bob

    Railroadforums needs your help

    Hey everybody, it's pledge week.... Just kidding. Not asking for money, just asking for some posts and photos! This forum is taking off quite nicely, but, our sister website, is still a ghost town. I really need help getting some conversations going. If you have any...
  13. bob

    Forum Home Page Changes

    After talking with several new members, they all told me the same thing. When they got to the forum, and saw the long list of categories, they didn't have any idea where to start or how to find their way around. Most members navigate the forum using the "New Posts" option. However, if you...
  14. bob

    When you don't have much room for a layout, but want to show off your collection of hopper cars

    I've only got an 8 x 8 space for my layout, what can I build in such a small square space? If you built this as a model railroad and showed it to me, I would have laughed. Turnouts (switches) are expensive, nobody is going to put in all those turnouts just to store a few more cars! Totally...
  15. bob

    Forgot your password? It's easy to reset it!

    When we switched the site to secure, the old cookies no longer worked. That means everyone, even me, has to log in again. Once you log in, it will make a new cookie and you'll stay logged in unless you delete cookies. Can't recall your password? Click here and we'll send you a new one...
  16. bob

    Lost your password? Here's how to get help.

    Just post a reply here, and I'll post it... Just kidding, and besides if you're not logged in, you can't post. Here's what to do. Click on "Log In" and a User Name and Password field screen will pop up. Directly below where the password goes, you'll see a "forgot password" link. Click that...
  17. bob

    "Mixed Content" errors? Post a comment here.

    We are going to be implementing SSL for enhanced site security very soon. When we do that, there is a good chance that you may encounter some "Mixed content" errors, especially during the transition. Your browser may warn you about this. If it happens, please copy the page URL and post it here...
  18. bob

    Enhanced Site Security - SSL Now Installed

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has now been installed on the forum. This will enhance site security. What does this mean to you? Well, the website will be more secure. We don't really ask for much personal info, but this is still a good idea as sites are now being penalized in search rankings for...
  19. bob

    Need some help. Test SSL site (It's easy!)

    UPDATE: Testing is done, it worked fine, and SSL has been installed here now too. Thanks to everyone who lent a hand. I'm in the final stages of setting this website up as secure. There's really no need to do it, we don't have any personal info (address, credit cards, etc) for hackers to...
  20. bob

    Forum E-mail Notifications - Check Your Spam Folder

    Short version - E-mail notifications of replies to your posts and private messages should be working again. Please check your spam folder if you have them enabled but aren't seeing the e-mails. Geek Version: When we moved to a new server, we had to re-establish our mail credentials to verify...

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