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    Cab Roof Beacon Question

    I recently bought my first engine equipped with a cab roof beacon. I thought such lights had something to do with remote control locos (must have heard or read it somewhere). After getting this engine I looked online to get an idea when the prototype uses it...found a lot of different info...
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    Looking for 4 axle power w/ ditch lights

    My layout is somewhat modern and I would like to run some older power (GP40s and similar). These older engines still run to some extent in my layouts era but they would have had ditch lights installed. I can't find any older power available that are equipped with ditch lights to look like what I...
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    Another question from beginner

    I'm a beginner and my posts on this site have been mostly questions. I simply have more questions than anything else at this point I have another question but I hope it has not gone completely unnoticed that I've also tried to interact here in other ways too. I will continue to try to do that...
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    DCC Wiring Question

    I watched a video unrelated to DCC wiring but mentioned in passing that it is not a good idea to use solid wire on DCC. All my bus lines are stranded 14 awg. I'm not sure but I may have a few feeder wires that are solid. I've only been in the hobby for a few years but I've never heard this...
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    Looking for HO kit with large window for layout's watering hole...really!

    Thanks for clicking on this! I bought an HO window sign from Miller Engineering. It's bigger than I expected, maybe N scale would have been better? It's the "Drunken Crab" sign, those familiar with "Family Guy" may recognize it! I've been looking online for an HO building which could pass as...
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    Inexplicable Short Circuit

    The title of this post is inexplicable short circuit, that refers only to my inability to explain what's going on. I'm hoping someone here can offer some thoughts. I have two new Athearn Genesis engines. One of which is packed up and ready to go back to Athearn for repair because after working...
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    Tsunami 2 programing question

    I've said many times on this forum that I'm a beginner and I have yet another question. Thank you for your anticipated patience :) Until today I've never tried to get into programing cvs by adding the bit values within a given cv. I had some success and am happy. I want the headlight, backup...
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    Looking for a CV on Tsunami 2 decoder

    HI, all. I recently bought an Athearn Genesis SD60E with a Tsunami 2 decoder. I've been going through and customizing volumes for different sounds. One sound effect that is too loud is one I don't know the name of and can't seem to find it in the manual. When the loco starts moving from a...
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    Reversing Section and Auto Reverser?

    If you read the title and said to yourself, "another beginner", you were right :) I'm ready to wire my wye and it's my first reversing section. Based on some online research I plan (at present anyway) to order either a Digitrax AR-1 or a PSX AR. I use the NCE 5 amp smart booster. I invite...
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    Walthers Ho scale 5 unit 40' well cars (SOLD)

    I am looking to sell two of these cars. They are almost unused, just a few trips around my layout. $70 for one or $120 for both plus shipping. Thanks for reading
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    Looking to buy HO Walthers tank cars

    I'm looking for Walthers Proto ho scale 55' Trinity tank cars. I believe the item numbers are around 920-100602 through 920-100620 but outside that range may work too (I'm not sure). If anyone has any of these which you are willing to sell or trade please let me know. Thanks! Paul
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    posted in the wrong place
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    HELP! Locomotive shorting layout

    I use the NCE Power Cab with the SB5. The layout consists of two power districts and I use NCE EB-1 circuit breakers. My Athearn Genesis ES44dc ran into a switch not lined for it and caused a short. After the breaker reset I restarted the loco (not over a turnout) and it was fine while "idling"...
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    A beginner's layout

    I joined this forum about a week ago. Some of you said you would like pics of my layout in response to my introduction. I was hesitant because I'm a beginner with no previous experience with scale models of any kind. However, I like to see the pics you all have posted and I want to contribute...
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    How do I add pictures to a post?

    I can't figure out how to add a picture...can anyone help? Thanks
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    Not getting email notifications?

    I joined the forum a few days ago. I have started two threads so far but I am not getting emails when someone posts to them. Can anyone help. I'll try to check here frequently because I won't get a notification if there is a reply.
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    Prototype ops question

    I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this. My railroad is far enough along now that I'm using JMRI Operations and I have a question about how the prototype works; I always study the switch list and block the cars (with first cars to be set out closest to the engine, car(s) to be...
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    New Guy modeling in HO

    HI, all. I am new to the forum and pretty new to model railroading (about 3 years). My first crack at a layout ended up being a great learning experience but it was far from finished when I decided it wasn't what I wanted and salvaged what I could and have started again. I started building my...

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